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What information should be collected for issues in Merative Social Program Management in order to assist Merative Support with their investigations?





Customer-provided background information helps Merative Support to investigate problems and saves time when resolving customer support cases. 


When raising a support case against Merative Social Program Management there is a minimum set of  information that must be provided for every case. In addition depending on the nature of the case being raised, the part of the product affected and the symptoms observed,  more information is required that is specific to the issue being reported.


Every time you raise a support case you must include the information listed in the table "Minimum Information required for every support case". You must also consider whether there is more information required for the specific type of problem you are reporting.


If you are experiencing a performance problem review the items on the table  "Additional Information for Performance Related Cases" .  If  you are experiencing a problem with a specific component of the application review the items on the table "Additional Component Specific Information". 


Follow the instructions in the associated Collecting Data documents and provide the necessary information to Merative Support.

Minimum information required for every support case:

What to gather                                                           How to gather

Details about the issue
Detailed description of the issue 
 Detailed steps to reproduce the issue in an out-of-the-box environment
  • Include screenshots if appropriate
  • State which user is logged in
  • Identify which case types are being created
 If the issue cannot be replicated in an out-of-box environment, describe the detailed steps that are necessary to help emulate the customized environment in order to highlight the underlying out-of-the-box issue 
 Details of any on-site investigations that have been done 
 Description of any workarounds / potential solutions that are being used file,

Created by running the Merative Social Program Management configreport Ant target.

For more information see the documentation

Details about the Impact of the IssueDescribe the business impact of the issue on the end user
  • Detail the real-life situation/scenario that results in the issue occurring
  • Provide documentation or area expertise that explains the expected behaviour
 When was the issue first identified ? 
 How often does the issue occur ? 
 Does the issue affect all users ?If the issue does not affect all users identify what percentage of users are impacted and any differences between those affected and those not affected such as system/machine configuration, other applications in use, user role, business process being performed, etc.
EnvironmentExact version of Merative Social Program ManagementIdentify the Fixpack and iFix versions along with any Test Fix releases
 Type of environmentDevelopment , Test  or Production
 Does this appear to be a regression?If you encountered this issue during an upgrade and it is not present in the version from which you are upgrading,  please identify the exact version of Merative Social Program Management from which you are upgrading.
 Has the issue been replicated in another environment?If it has not been possible to replicate the issue in another environment describe potential reasons as to why not.
 Details of any customizations that have been made in the affected areaThis information is not required if the issue can be reproduced in an out-of-the-box environment
 Browser type and version (if reporting a UI issue) 
Additional information for performance related cases :
For all performance issuesSpecific questions for performance issues
 Collecting data using JMX statistics
In addition Merative Support may ask you to supply more specific information :
For batch performance issuesCollecting data for batch performance issues
For OracleCollecting data for Oracle database performance issues
For WebLogicCollecting data for WebLogic performance issues
For WebSphere

Collecting WebSphere configuration data

Collecting data for Merative Social Program Management WebSphere Issues

For JavaCollecting data for Java performance issues
For DB2Collecting data for DB2 performance issues
For Client side issuesCollecting data for client performance issues


For information on troubleshooting Merative Social Program Management see the documentation.

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