Support financial wellness Don’t be passive when it comes to employee financial wellness. Learn why data-informed health plan selection makes a difference.
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The right decision support tool for your employees

Many consumers say they’re confused about health insurance, and as a result might make uninformed plan decisions that lead to higher costs for themselves and the company. Benefits Mentor offers personalized recommendations based on employees’ own historical claims data, which helps them find their best-fit benefit plan with confidence.

Improve benefits experience

Streamline benefits enrollment and guide members to the best-fit plan, ensuring adequate coverage and increasing healthcare cost-savings over time.

Maximize savings

Help employees model their utilization (low, medium, high) based on previous data and support savings goals with HSA, FSA, and HRA guidance.

Track performance

Enable benefits teams to create reports to assess effectiveness, identify ROI opportunities, and evaluate programs and carrier value.


Personalized to support individual needs

  • Summary of their real-time healthcare utilization
  • Plan comparisons and benefits recommendations informed by past experiences
  • Provisions for anticipated or upcoming medical expenses
  • Provides HSA/FSA/HRA guidance to drive better decisions

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Meaningful insights for HR teams

  • Supports benefits communication and open enrollment promotions
  • Measures employee engagement and impact
  • Informs pre- and post-enrollment cycle analysis
  • Insights to improve employee satisfaction and boost retention

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Of members that used Benefits Mentor selected the best-fit plan for their family

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More likely that members move to a different plan that is optimal

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Of members that used Benefits Mentor were estimated to have the lowest costs if they chose the HSA plan

Support financial wellness


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See how our decision-making tool has been helping individuals make personalized, informed benefits selections for over 15 years.


Improve benefits selection and decision making

How one large manufacturing company helped employees make better benefits decisions with personalized recommendations.


Enhance the employee experience

Support employee decision making with personalized and informed decisions by guiding them to the best-fit plan for their needs.

Support your employees today

Truven Benefits Mentor takes the question and confusion out of benefit selection and supports employee engagement with a personalized experience.

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