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Trusted real-world data for confident real-world evidence generation

Health data is messy, and studies are complex. Our data and industry-leading experts are here to change that. With MarketScan, access research-ready, real-world data (RWD), easy-to-use analytics, and streamlined workflows.

Move with speed

Take the pain out of data management and access on-demand datasets, sourced from a comprehensive collection of payers.

Analyze with ease

Empower your researchers with easy-to-use analytics and enhance your current analytic engines with seamless integrations.

Optimize with focus

Foster collaboration and accelerate insights by providing streamlined workflows, supporting the study from start to finish.


Access real-world data with ease

  • Access well-maintained, pre-configured data, giving you time back to generate real-world evidence (RWE)
  • Reduce infrastructure costs and ensure compliance on Snowflake's trusted platform
  • Link your existing datasets to MarketScan for stronger, longitudinal patient data

Generate real-world evidence with confidence

  • Conduct high-level analysis, identify cohorts, and inspire collaboration on research and findings
  • Dive deeper into trends and cohorts with native analytical capabilities
  • Turn your data into actionable insights via Tableau, Power BI, and other SQL compatible tools

Optimize real-world projects with intent

  • Manage all your data in a one-stop-shop, keeping the data clean and the findings clear
  • Stay on track with easy collaboration across projects and reports
  • Increase transparency and access with customizations for both technical and non-technical users


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MarketScan experts to help you accelerate studies and deliver actionable insights


Cost savings when MarketScan data is accessed on the cloud via Snowflake


Faster access to research-ready data, removing the delay caused by legacy systems and slow load times

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Unleash the power of data with MarketScan expertise


Expedite research with our team's deep understanding of life sciences to fast-track your research journey.


Enhance decision-making as our experts help you navigate complex data, providing clarity that influences strategic decisions.


Empower innovation with MarketScan experts, as they guide you through the data, sparking insights that fuel breakthroughs.


See how MarketScan is accelerating and informing studies.


Experiences and insights from Organon

Hear how Organon uses MarketScan on Snowflake to empower their teams, what challenges they’ve faced, and their hard-earned insights.


Enhancing and accelerating studies

Learn how one university is using longitudinal RWD to supplement clinical trials and guide research priorities and funding.


Improving access to RWD

Hear from industry leaders as they share their perspectives on cloud-based RWD and how life sciences companies can transform their RWE.

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