Merge Cardio

A comprehensive CVIS for cardiology imaging needs

Streamline cardiology workflows, simplify data collection, and automate cardiology reporting for healthcare providers.

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Awards & recognition

Best in KLAS Software & Services

Best in KLAS 2023, Cardiology


Transform cardiology workflows with a Best in KLAS CVIS

Enable healthcare providers to access and manage patients’ digital integrated cardiovascular service line from – anywhere, any time. This award-winning CVIS solution improves patient management through a built-in report generation and distribution process. Merge Cardio accelerates the speed of cardiology workflows by automating data flow from modalities to the physician’s report – ensuring more time and focus is spent on patient care, and less on paper and process.

Harnesses healthcare interoperability

Powered by Merge VNA, Merge Cardio integrates seamlessly with Merge Hemo and industry-leading modality partners to support all cardiology subspecialities, to meet the unique needs of patients.

Consolidate CVIS imaging and data management

Leverage clinical structured reporting modules for cardiology specialties, and harness Merge Cardio analytics for data analysis, and utilize workstation integrations for a single comprehensive view of cardiology studies.  

Accessibility at the forefront

Leverage a single point of access to view the complete longitudinal patient record including prior imaging studies and reports organized by relevancy.

A cardiovascular information system that adapts as you need

Leverage a comprehensive CVIS

Merge Cardio is a comprehensive CVIS providing healthcare organizations with adaptive capabilities for complex cardiology workflows, advanced toolsets, report measurement mapping and analytic capabilities with a unified enterprise approach.

Merge Cardio worklist displaying studies in the system

Automated cardiology workflows

Save critical time while minimizing the cost of errors in data entry through automated cardiology workflows. Merge Cardio transmits pre-populated data from modality devices directly to the clinical report and EHR.

Merge Cardio viewer displaying study image on screen

Clinical structured reporting

Merge Cardio's clinical structured reporting delivers extensive depth and breadth of clinical content through a convenient web based tool. Seamless workflow includes automated data imports, decision support tools, status notifications and integration with the EHR. All with the goal of providing timely care pathway guidance for both the clinical care team and patient.

Clinical structured report in Merge Cardio

An ecosystem of industry-leading cardiology vendors

Healthcare providers can harness Merge Cardio’s ecosystem of numerous partner applications to seamlessly consolidate systems, disparate data, and images across the organization into one unified CVIS solution. Merge Cardio supports all modalities and subspecialties, including 3D/4D echocardiography and strain, nuclear medicine, CT angiography, MRI, ECG, and AI integration.

Merge Cardio partner integration demonstration

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Streamlining cardiology reporting

Dr. Sujith Kalathiveetil, cardiologist at Duly Health and Care, talks about how Merge Cardio has helped make his healthcare organization’s reporting more consistent, accurate, and easier to obtain. 

"Merge has allowed us, with structured reporting, to have consistency in our reports and make our reports clear and easy to obtain."

Dr. Sujith Kalathiveetil, Cardiologist, Duly Health and Care

Get to know our partners integrated with Merge Cardio

Strategic relationships have been formed with numerous industry-leading cardiology imaging and modality vendors to create one of the most comprehensive and integrated solutions on the market.

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