Reimagine how clients engage with government agencies

Support screening, benefits applications, self-service, and communication with a responsive, dynamic front end.

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Modernize access to health and human services

With Cúram, individuals can more intuitively apply for benefits, understand their eligibility, find their payments, and more. Agencies can innovate access to benefits and services through a user-friendly front door as a first step in modernizing the end-to-end delivery of benefits.


Speed to value

  • Pre-built, easily configured screening and application questionnaires for government services, health and benefit programs
  • Designed for integration, Cúram's client portal can be implemented in weeks rather than months

Efficient, human-centered experiences

  • Mobile-friendly portal, accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time
  • Experiences designed with input from clients and agencies
  • An easy-to-use platform built with industry accessibility standards that allow agencies to engage with all clients
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Effectively connect agencies and those in need

  • Find, screen, and apply for benefits and services
  • Encourage a two-way information exchange between agencies and clients, leading to quicker response times and more up-to-date information

Secure and accessible public portals

Cúram delivers screening, application, and account management features to securely engage with your clients 24/7.

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Help clients access the benefits and services they need 

The world of benefits can be challenging. Our solution helps individuals easily screen themselves and understand the supports that are available to them.

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Engage with your clients through their secure account 

Clients now have easy access to view their benefit status and payment details, interact with your agency, and more at their convenience. 

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Designed to help you align with industry standards

At Cúram we are designed to address your current technology needs, but with a focus on the future. For example, we boast a AA rating and mobile-first inclusive design that meets the high accessibility standards outlined in the Section 508/WCAG guidelines.

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Security, performance, and scalability

Built on a code stack of Java, ReactJS, and JavaScript, Cúram’s robust, scalable performance has been validated by the many large and complex health and human services implementations live today.

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“Our investment in ACCESS HRA allowed us to pivot very quickly during the pandemic to make more services available. We turned on cash assistance in two weeks, and we went from 10% to 90% of benefits applications completed online. Because of the Merative tool we’re better able to serve New Yorkers in their time of need.”

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Rebecca Kircheimer, Interim Deputy Commissioners, NYC Human Resources Administration

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Let’s transform the delivery of your government social services