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Customize your clinical trial development with the capabilities you need to get your treatment to market faster. 

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New name, same great experience

Zelta™ is Merative’s clinical trials solutions business that includes both a clinical data management and acquisition platform (formerly Merative Clinical Development), and consulting, enablement and extension services.

Control how you accelerate your clinical trials

Take full command of every aspect of your clinical trials and research with Zelta. 

Zelta, a unified clinical data management and acquisition platform with customizable modules, can be tailored to the meet the unique needs of your clinical trials to accelerate outcomes.

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Flexibility and scalability

Manage clinical studies and research of all phases, therapeutic area, levels of complexity and across geographic locations.


Easy to use

Implement and execute research, manage participants, route tasks and report results to stakeholders from a single, user-friendly interface.

Seamless access

Use single sign-on from anywhere in the world to access a unified solution with one code base. 

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Confidence in every outcome

Access features tailored to support the clinical data management needs of contract research organizations, medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, and academic research organizations, from start up to submission.

  • EDC

  • Data integration

  • Query management

  • Study-level reporting

  • Monitoring


Control in every stage

Maximize patient, caregiver and provider engagement by choosing only what you need from the fully integrated modules that will help accelerate outcomes for that particular study, regardless of the number of participants, level of complexity or stage.

Clinical Data management and acquisition

  • Medical coding with AI
  • Local labs
  • eLearning
  • Safety reports

Clinical operations

Patient and provider engagement

Your study, your way

Don't settle for one-size fits all

  • Dial in your costs to align with the goals of your specific study by selecting what you need at the study level.

  • Choose the pricing model that works best for you — subscription or pay per use.

  • Control your study independently through self-service or use our best-in-class support services when you need it.

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Accelerate your trials

Don't let your platform slow you down

  • Use the features and functionality you need on a unified platform with a single code base.

  • Maximize efficiency with an intuitive interface.

  • Access one user experience from anywhere in the world with the convenience of single sign-on.

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Trust your technology

Don't worry about your solutions

  • Mix solutions from Zelta and our ecosystem partners with plug and play APIs to create a true configurable solution.

  • Protect your data by using a unified, compliant platform that is hosted on a secure and flexible HIPAA-enabled cloud.

  • Call upon certified, experienced designers for support 24/7/365.

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“We basically built a complete database, including edit checks, within one week. I think this was phenomenal.”

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Director of Biometrics, Southern Star Research

“Despite the trial’s level of complexity, our sites have been able to conduct it successfully, thanks to the Zelta solution.”

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Program Clinical Data Manager, Worldwide Clinical Trials

“With Zelta, we can support all areas of therapeutic studies. We have a good mix of all phases of clinical trials, from phase one to post-marketing surveillance studies, and have positioned for worldwide growth concluded studies with huge patient populations.”

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Head of Data Management, George Clinical

“Using AI in our medical coding, we can get through the volume quickly but also more intelligently”

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Director of Clinical Data Management, Prosciento


Days to build an electronic data capture

Read the Biorasi case study


Minutes to perform a minor study change and fully document the customer’s approval

Read the ProTrials case study


Percent faster database build time

Read the LivaNova case study

Benefit from our expertise


Advisory services to help fully enable your business, including: 

  • Cycle time benchmarking
  • Decentralized clinical trial readiness
  • Clinical operations planning


Support to onboard your team and enable optimized adoption and usage through: 

  • Implementation and integration
  • Training
  • Mentored build
  • Global 24/7/365 support


Additional services that extend the capabilities of your business on our solution: 

  • Study build
  • Templates
  • Smart reports

What is Zelta?

Zelta is a unified clinical data management and acquisition platform with customizable modules that can be tailored to the unique needs of your clinical trials.  


It gives you full command of every aspect of your clinical trials and research — from designing workflows and forecasting costs to decentralized trials solutions that better reach your participants and providers. We empower you to take control in every stage and our solution is designed to help you accelerate trial outcomes with confidence.

People also ask:

Built with all users in mind, Zelta modules from Merative are fully integrated and share one code base for a truly unified platform. This streamlines clinical trial processes and helps you:


  • Maximize patient, caregiver and provider engagement to accelerate clinical trial outcomes. 

  • Control research of all types regardless of phase, therapeutic area or geographic location. 

  • Easily implement and execute research, manage participant compliance, perform routine tasks and report results to stakeholders through a single, user-friendly interface. 

  • Access modules and reports through a unified platform from anywhere in the world with single-sign on and one code base.

  • Successfully enable complex research protocols and integrate decentralized trial solutions from fully virtual to hybrid designs. 

A unified platform enables you to access modules and reports from anywhere in the world with true single-sign on and one code base. This allows you to 


  • Use single instance technology to ensure that all of your trials and users are on the latest version of code 

  • Streamline clinical trial processes and help maximize patient, caregiver and provider engagement with integrated clinical operations and patient and provider modules. 

  • integrate third party systems and monitoring through intuitive point-and-click data mapping

We know that every trial is different and you should have the option to only pay for what you need, when you need it. We give you the freedom to choose and easily  integrate solutions from both Zelta and other technology vendors, creating a true configurable solution. We offer commercial options that let you pay only for what you consume at a study level or set up a “standard” configuration at the portfolio level. 

Host and scale trials around the world with single sign on to a solution that enables you to maximize international site and patient engagement, supporting more than 60 languages and dialects (and growing). 

It is designed to give customers:


  • Direct control of study go-lives, protocol amendments, study design changes and study closeouts 

  • A user-friendly interface that makes it easier to implement and execute research, manage participant compliance, perform routine tasks and report results to stakeholders.

Yes the Zelta platform is being used for traditional, hybrid and decentralized clinical trials. Since 2018, the phases of studies managed by Zelta can be broken down as follows:


23% Phase I

33% Phase II

16% Phase III

10% Phase IV

7% Post Market

5% Registry

5% Feasibility

All 20 of the top pharmaceutical companies have used Zelta.

Medical device companies can eliminate managing and cross checking multiple external systems with the full-integrated DICOM capabilities in Zelta. They can also take advantage of training, study builds and additional resources that can help you overcome common challenges in clinical trials whether it is MDR, 510k, or other medical device needs.

No two companies are alike and each clinical trial is different so our pricing options offer you flexibility and control. 


The subscription option can offer cost savings to larger organizations and those who need a predictable budget. Most modules are included without incurring additional fees and you may be eligible for volume discounts.


The pay-per-use option is for companies who need flexibility without a long-term contractual commitment. There is transparent ala cart pricing, no minimums and fees start when the trial goes live. 


For specific pricing information, please contact us and one of our representatives can provide a customized quote based on your specific business needs. 

Customers have the option to use our consulting, support and enablement, and extension services. These include advisory services such as cycle-time benchmarking, decentralized clinical trial readiness and clinical operations planning; onboarding, including implementation and integration, training, mentored build and global support 24/7/365; and services that extend the capabilities of your business on our solutions including study builds, templates and smart reports. 

The Zelta platform is hosted on a secure and flexible HIPAA-enabled cloud. Our platform is planned, developed, deployed and supported consistent with  ISO 9001:2015  and in compliance with  21 CFR Part 11  and  data privacy  regulations.

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