PACS software for enhancing physician workflows

Merge PACS has been designed from the ground up to improve reading workflows across the enterprise. Merge PACS simplifies healthcare providers’ and physicians’ reading activities and consolidates access to enterprise imaging patient data across multiple reading environments and their workstations.

Access enterprise imaging data anywhere via remote reading

Launch a powerful web-based client to read studies from the hospital, home, or any location.

Simplify and customize your PACS workflow

Stay up to date with real-time case updates in a composite worklist. Leverage one interface for all of your reading activities and communications with your peers. Adapt your PACS workflow to your specific site and situation.

Optimize and balance workloads

Deliver the right study to the right reader at the right time with a comprehensive rule-based engine that helps balance workloads, maximize expertise, and ensure SLA compliance.


Is your organization navigating convoluted workflows and struggling to achieve a productive reading experience?


Review and compare exams efficiently

Leverage Merge PACS’ Auto Registration for anatomical linking across the comparison and multiple priors; linking CT, MRI and PET CT imaging; and adjusting registration on the fly.

Utilize a full Mammography solution

Experience a more targeted, efficient, and enhanced mammography reading experience.

Access advanced analytics to drive awareness and results

Help drive your business with real- time analytics. Merge Dashboards allows radiologists to view real-time progress on their personal reading goals and reports additional non-reading work, such as time spent teaching in conferences.

Streamline and drive communications to empower caregivers

Facilitate active healthcare consultations with departmental experts via embedded instant messaging in order to access critical exchanges in the worklist. In the conference setting, access your study view more easily in presentations, to increase collaboration and communication.

Streamline administrative tasks and workloads

Workflow Engine automatically routes studies in real time based on a wide variety of rules, through a configured system, intelligently assigning exams to the appropriate reader.

Access applications and AI algorithms from a single worklist

Leverage multiple applications from a single worklist, including Merge’s 3rd Party AI offerings. Gain access to specialty viewers, multiple workflows, and innovative AI algorithms from an ecosystem of cutting-edge partners. Receive real-time updates from the AI directly in your worklist.

Explore AI partners

Access applications and AI algorithms from a single worklist
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Harness a Sensitive Image Workflow

Maintain sensitivity surrounding images that may embarrass, cause distress, or be considered private by a patient and/or a clinician through an alert system.

Launch Your diagnostic Viewer in the Cloud

Simplify your IT infrastructure while protecting investments and increasing security, through a cloud-based solution. Begin your journey to the cloud by launching the Merge PACS diagnostic viewer in Merge's Imaging Suite


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