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Between piles of journals, endless emails, and a busy schedule, it can be hard for healthcare providers to keep up with the latest drug and disease information. They need an easy and reliable way to access clinical information that can inform their care decisions.

Clinicians can find this in DynaMedex, which combines two sources of extensive, evidence-based clinical information — DynaMed and Micromedex — to create an all-in-one solution for the whole care team. With DynaMedex, clinicians have streamlined access to industry-leading clinical decision support tools, so they can focus on providing the best care for their patients.

Reliable content

Comprehensive drug and disease content that is evidence-based, sourced, and updated daily

Accessible and personalized

Streamline clinician workflows with user personalization, EHR integration, and mobile access

Unmatched value

A cost-effective, integrated solution to meet the needs of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists



What do you get with DynaMedex?

DynaMedex combines two established sources of evidence-based clinical information: the expansive disease and condition content of DynaMed and the robust drug content and resources of Micromedex.

From DynaMed:

  • Competitive array of disease topics
  • 40+ specialty categories
  • Searchable recent updates
  • Practice-changing update alerts
  • CME/CPD/CE and MOC credits

From Micromedex:

  • 2,500+ drug reference topics
  • Neonatal and pediatric content
  • Drug interaction checker
  • IV compatibility checker
  • 650+ calculators



Two award-winning solutions in one

DynaMedex combines two Best in KLAS solutions. Both DynaMed (2021, 2022) and Micromedex (2023) have been awarded Best in KLAS for clinical decision support: point-of-care clinical reference.


DynaMedex offers everything you need in a clinical decision support solution

DynaMedex has content clinicians can trust

  • DynaMedex offers drug and disease information backed by clinical evidence and guidance from accredited experts. Sources are linked so users can go deeper.
  • Content is vetted and updated daily by editorial teams of clinical experts. Clinical evidence is quality rated for users.
  • DynaMedex offers breadth and depth of content, with over 40 disease specialties and exclusive drug topic areas, including evidence-based neonatal and pediatric content (NeoFax) and robust non-FDA, off-label drug information.
  • Drug content is NICE accredited and a CMS-approved compendium.

DynaMedex offers faster time to answer

  • DynaMedex is easy to navigate, with the ability to view both key takeaways or more in-depth content. Search is fast and intuitive through Micromedex Assistant.
  • Recent clinical updates are viewable by date and specialty, with special emphasis on potentially practice-changing updates.
  • Users can personalize their experience by following specialties to receive topic update notifications, plus access specialty calculators and clinical criteria.
  • DynaMedex can be integrated into the EHR, giving clinicians one-click access to drug and disease content directly from their patient records.
  • The mobile application lets clinicians access the solution whenever and wherever they need.

Content updates in DynaMedex

DynaMedex has an array of valuable clinician tools

  • The drug interaction checker allows users to check a patient's entire medication list simultaneously for potentially harmful interactions and view severity ratings.
  • The IV compatibility feature allows users to check compatibility of multiple intravenous drugs or solutions in an easy-to-read chart.
  • DynaMedex users can access a suite of 650+ calculators, including converters, decision trees, clinical criteria, and more.
  • Users can earn CME credits toward their Maintenance of Certification.


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DynaMedex: An all-in-one clinical decision support solution

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DynaMedex is a collaborative solution that combines Micromedex from Merative with DynaMed from EBSCO. Visit the EBSCO DynaMedex page.


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