Actively engage clinical trial participants with simple data capture

Zelta’s electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) and electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) technology enables clinical trial participants to submit reliable data with ease and convenience. They can enter diary, survey, and outcomes wherever and whenever they want. With Zelta eCOA, ePRO, and eConsent, you can design patient-centric clinical trials that enhance the patient experience, reduce burden, and improve compliance.

Patient-friendly approach

Make reporting outcomes convenient for patients via computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Accessible and scalable

Leverage eCOA built directly into a cloud-based unified platform that supports all types of trials.

Real-time results

Monitor compliance and results with real-time assessments and analysis.



Make patient-reported outcomes a snap with Zelta’s eCOA/ePRO

To get the best data from your clinical trial participants, requires a system that makes data capture easy and encourages participation. Zelta’s eCOA/ePRO module makes data collection simple for participants and data managers alike with a customizable, patient-centric portal that’s connected directly to Zelta’s electronic data capture platform.

Deliver the best experiences for both clinical trial participants and site personnel

Zelta eCOA/ePRO: Streamline data collection and boost patient engagement

  • Gather data directly from participants, including symptom diaries, surveys, and outcomes that are instantly available in Zelta’s EDC.
  • Improve the patient experience and patient compliance with an ePRO app that’s convenient and easy to use via mobile (iOS or Android) or web.
  • Collect reliable and consistent measurements of treatment effects in real-time, with no waiting for data transfers
  • Incorporate sites regardless of location, with support for more than 70 languages and dialects, plus study content translation
  • Maximize site efficiency and remote management of participant consent.
  • Manage eConsent directly from Zelta’s cloud-based platform, alongside the eCOA/ePRO module.
  • Track amendments, consent status, and timelines in a dedicated dashboard.
  • Increase participant convenience with single sign-on to access both eConsent and eCOA/ePRO.

Decentralized trials

eCOA and ePRO can help unleash the benefits of decentralized trials

Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) can offer several benefits for CROs, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, including reducing the need for travel to sites, reducing trial costs, generating better patient-reported outcome data for analysis, and ultimately accelerating the development of new treatments.

Enabling participants to report outcomes via ePRO or use eConsent can greatly improve the patient experience, boost recruitment, and allow real-time data capture of outcomes. Zelta is proud to offer the eCOA, ePRO, eConsent, and other relevant modules to successfully build and run DCTs — to date, the platform has supported 250 hybrid trials or DCTs.


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Zelta eCOA/ePRO

Get all the details about the benefits of implementing eCOA/ePRO with Zelta in this factual datasheet.



Decentralized clinical trials are closer than you think

Decentralized clinical trials give clinical trial developers the opportunity to create more patient-centric designs and do it better and faster.


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