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Streamline clinical trial execution

Zelta helps clinical trials operate more efficiently with RTSM, CTMS, eTMF, eLearning, and more — all from a single, cloud-based platform.

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Let us help streamline execution of your clinical trials

Clinical operations teams do critical work to ensure that clinical trials run smoothly, stay on schedule and on budget, and generate reliable data that will yield results and meet regulatory compliance.

Zelta streamlines these processes and gives you great control and confidence over your clinical trials. Choose only the modules you need for each study — regardless of complexity or stage — from a fully integrated, cloud-based platform.

  • RTSM
  • CTMS (powered by BSI)
  • eTMF (powered by BSI)
  • eLearning
  • Globalization

Single-source management

Single role driven login and interface which allows sites to access multiple studies with one set of credentials, reducing staff workload and training time.

Real-time data flow

Complete, intelligent and integrated CTMS, eTMF, and CDMS platform helps enable real-time data flows and keep study timelines on track.

Out-of-the box reporting

Leverage KPI-based real-time reports to assist with managing your clinical research.


Manage your clinical trials with a flexible and comprehensive RTSM solution

  • Support diverse protocol needs including multiple treatment arms, adaptive trial design, patient randomization, treatment assignment, and drug supply and inventory management.
  • Easily forecast trial site inventory using predictive resupply.
  • Manage enrollment and randomize subjects to treatment groups in one interface.
  • Make supply chain and management decisions across stakeholders in real-time.
  • Focus on completing studies quickly with no need to integrate data across multiple clinical systems.

Multiple clinical operation capabilities in addition to

  • CTMS — Allows you to manage end-to-end local, regional and global clinical trials.
  • eTMF — Flexible electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) for the management of your regulatory study documents.
  • eLearning — Manage and report study training to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Globalization — Allows your users to interact with the system in their local language. Currently supporting over 100 countries, speaking over 70 languages and dialects.

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Introduction to Zelta

Explore how the Zelta clinical trial solution offers comprehensive, intuitive features to help you build and manage clinical trials across all phases and levels of complexity.


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Oversee critical RTSM system via the Zelta EDC

Discover how RTSM module can help manage clinical trials with flexibility.



Zelta expands its clinical trial ecosystem

Learn how a new partnership with BSI Life Sciences expands our capabilities to make Zelta an even stronger all-in-one solution for clinical trial management.


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