Precise real-world data. Conclusive real-world evidence.

Drive impactful decisions with real-world evidence, from uniquely sourced real-world data and trusted experts.

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Accelerate your real-world evidence studies

Getting innovation to market is no easy feat. With MarketScan®, you gain access to a premium portfolio of real-world datasets, research experts to drive research or regulatory-grade studies, and intuitive applications that foster collaboration and simplify workflows.


of the top 20 global pharma companies, by revenue, rely on our MarketScan portfolio 

You already have too many problems to solve. Make sure your research foundation isn’t one.

Precise data

Gain the granularity of fully-adjudicated closed claims data from payers across the US with actual cost and extensive longitudinal patient views.

Clear evidence

Draw insights and guidance from our experts with extensive experience in domains such as epidemiology, health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), and regulatory approvals.

Simplified workflows

Enhance team efficiency and collaboration by leveraging a no-code application and a scalable cloud environment.



See how we combine data and expertise to help you surface and communicate rigorous answers.

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Optimize outcomes with decisive real-world evidence

  • Distinct sourcing model

  • Adjudicated closed claims

  • Clinical data

  • Data curation & linking

  • Consulting services

Regulatory submissions

Our large and fully adjudicated closed claims data enables scientifically robust reporting to regulatory bodies.


Our experts connect actual cost to treatment patterns and health outcomes, helping you identify gaps and demonstrate value.

Epidemiology research

Our complete, representative data empowers researchers to explore burden of illness and treatments, minimizing bias and increasing confidence.

Simplify workflows with intuitive applications

Scale with speed and confidence

MarketScan WorkSpace helps reduce deployment time and costs by providing direct access to MarketScan data hosted on Snowflake's cloud.

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Analyze data at a glance

Quickly and easily analyze your data with a no-code application.

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Real-world data that fuels discovery across healthcare

  • Life sciences

    Demonstrate the clinical and commercial value of your treatments and meet FDA regulatory clinical trial and post-approval requirements.

  • Payers 

    Understand cost, use and prevalence of healthcare services and related healthcare behavior in any geographic area in the US. 

  • Academic institutions

    Develop reliable insights into your sophisticated research questions with the help of our research-grade real-world data.

  • Government agencies

    Inform strategic decisions regarding economic impact, disease surveillance and industry standards.

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“The longitudinal [MarketScan] data enabled us to follow patients for 5 years, demonstrating potentially long-term consequences that weren’t previously identified.”

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