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Zelta EDC

Zelta’s electronic data capture system is a flexible and secure eClinical solution for executing modern clinical trials, including decentralized trials solutions. Used in more than 4,000 studies from startup to submission, across all phases, including over 500 phase III trials and 23 therapeutic areas, Zelta makes it easier to execute the complex.

  • Electronic data capture
  • Medical coding with AI
  • Local labs

Flexiblity and scalability

Execute on a more flexible cloud-based clinical data management platform, supporting study sites and participants in more than 100 countries, speaking 75+ languages and dialects.

First-time right data entry

Using real-time data validation, reduce programming and optimize workflows for faster first-time-right data collection.

Useful AI assistance

From medical coding to study build, thoughtful data-backed AI assistance enhances the user experience.


Optimize experiences for both participants and site personnel

Simplify the trial experience: for your teams, sites, and participants

  • In-app, KPI-based dashboards and visualizations generate real-time insights to monitor trends, identify bottlenecks, and track other critical study metrics.
  • Immediate feedback during data entry, including real-time edit checks and auto calculations, reduces queries and delivers first-time right data.
  • ODM compliance means faster data integrations and regulatory compliant data outputs.

Built-in optimized workflow solutions

  • Eliminate building every cycle/visit combination and take advantage of repeating event groups.
  • Never forget the basics with system level null and future date checks in place from the start.
  • Leverage AI to provide suggestions on industry standard naming conventions.

Proven to reduce disruption from mid-study changes

  • Quickly and easily make changes and deploy mid-study updates automatically, reducing site and participant downtime from days or weeks to minutes.
  • Built-in error checking helps promote confidence in releasing study amendments.

Customizable data management functionality

  • Code patient data with a built-in, machine learning-enabled assistant, to maximize efficiency and reduce errors.
  • Manage local labs at a program level, reducing redundant work and ensuring accuracy across trials.
  • Integrate with third-party solutions with a built-in point-and-click tool.
  • Interact with discrepancies in real-time and action them directly from the eCRF.
  • View up-to-the-minute study data and easily navigate to points of interest within the data.


Reduce build and validation time for even the most complex oncology builds

Zelta’s clinical trials platform is equipped to handle complex oncology trials with flexibility and ease. Simplify the creation of cycles with study event groups, and add cycles without the need to change the study design.

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Adaptive clinical trials via Zelta

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Planning for mid-study changes can mitigate downtime

Mid-study changes are inevitable, but downtime doesn’t have to be. Read this blog to learn more of how Zelta helps to significantly reduce downtime with strategic planning.


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