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Clinical decision support tools that provide reliable answers – without the wait.

See why clinicians have relied on Micromedex for almost 50 years.

Rich, current content

Access current, evidence-based drug and disease insights vetted through an accredited review process.  

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Easy, efficient access

Get answers 24/7 on desktop or mobile – or within workflows at the point of care with integration into the electronic health record (EHR).

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Trust and expertise

Join clinicians at over 3,300 hospitals and health systems across 70 countries who rely on Micromedex® to inform their decision-making.

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Clinical decision support tools put time on your side

See how clinical decision support software can help clinicians save time – and what this means for patient care.


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See which clinical decision support (CDS) solution is right for your healthcare organization.

CDS for healthcare providers

Provide clinicians access to evidence-based drug and disease information at the point of care. Discover DynaMed® and Micromedex® with Watson®.

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CDS for medication safety

Minimize medication errors and improve patient safety with insights into drug interactions, prescribing, dosing and more. Explore Micromedex with Watson.

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CDS for drug shortage management

Find effective alternative therapies and proactively manage shortages with near real-time views into drug inventory. Discover OrbitalRX with Micromedex.

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Integrating CDS into the EHR

See how EHR integration helped a healthcare provider increase CDS adoption tenfold.

Managing drug shortages effectively

Learn how an academic medical center transformed its drug shortage management workflow.


Dig deeper into clinical decision support software


CDS for healthcare providers overview

Explore features and functionality of DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson, including EHR integration, notifications, CME/MOC eligibility and artificial intelligence (AI) search capabilities.


CDS for medication safety overview

Discover the latest updates and enhancements to Micromedex with Watson, including information about integration into EHR systems and InfoButton support.


CDS for drug shortage management overview

Learn about OrbitalRX features, including an all-in-one procurement center, a centralized communication center and real-time inventory visibility.

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