Strengthen families with a purpose-built solution

Caseworkers need tools that can streamline and prioritize family data so that they can focus their time and energy on impactful interventions. Cúram for Child Welfare is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) system designed to be configured and extended by agencies as needed.

Purpose-built for child welfare

  • Modular solution components designed to work together to satisfy unique child welfare requirements
  • Supports states in their Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS) compliance journey
  • Workflow and rules engine flexibility that accommodates changes in legislation, policy, and practice

Reporting and analytics to improve child welfare practice

  • Supports mandatory Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS) reports
  • Provides operational dashboards and views to support caseworker compliance
  • Supports a variety of industry-standard reporting tools

Consolidated family engagement information

  • Reduce risk of retraumatizing family and children by only needing to capture data once, then surfacing summary and detailed data clearly
  • Identify which interventions have been successful and led to improved outcomes



The COTS advantage

In this two-minute APHSA webinar clip, discover the advantages of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software over generic customer relationship management (CRM) software.



Built specifically for child welfare agencies

Cúram’s advanced platform defines and maintains workflows based on best practices derived from years of child welfare expertise and input from our clients to improve efficiency, consistency, and quality of care.

Access the full range of case activities

From a family’s intake to permanency, provides a more efficient access to information for caseworkers, providers and families.

Child welfare-specific data model

Cúram offers a robust data model designed to capture and manage child welfare information that can be scaled to meet specific agency requirements.

Provider management and financials

We have a robust resource directory and capabilities around the assignment of services and placement in care for children and families.

Working together to improve outcomes

Collaborative approaches to client involvement, Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT), help provide comprehensive solutions that improve outcomes.

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Stronger connections for caseworkers, children and families

Few jobs are more important than keeping children safe. With software built by caseworkers for caseworkers, families and children thrive.



Hamburg Case Study

Serving abused and neglected youth with better business processes and connected departments.



Cúram supports CCWIS compliance

Learn how Cúram's child welfare solution aligns with all federal standards and supports state efforts to achieve CCWIS compliance.


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