3 ways to better understand member needs

Explore data in a way that best fits your workflow – empowering you to be a champion for members and a partner to employer clients. With health plan analytics, easily evaluate population health, find effective interventions, and see how program performance stacks up against benchmarks.

Analyze with ease

Access a catalog of clinically robust, off-the-shelf, predictive analytics methods that can be integrated with any data warehouse or business intelligence tool.

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Visualize with clarity

Turn your data into actionable insights with leading population health analytics, dashboards, visualizations, and reports on financial and patient outcomes.

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Optimize with focus

Gain access to a team of health plan analytics experts that proactively help maximize success for you and your members.

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Uncover accurate insights with health plan analytics

Health Insights makes it easy to understand health and wellness program efficacy and cost. The easy-to-use dashboards provide accurate, real-time insights with opportunities to dig deeper, all backed by time-tested analytics to enhance your data.

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Optimize data analysis with self-service dashboards and reports

  • Dive deep into trends with analytics tools to lower costs and improve health outcomes
  • Evaluate specific cohorts for population health outcomes and program performance
  • Enhance your network with employer group reporting and support provider profiling

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Accelerate innovation with time-tested healthcare analytics models

  • Deploy robust, industry accepted methods and models to build or enhance your analytics foundation
  • Address use cases in areas such as provider performance, population health, executive reporting and financial analytics
  • Optimize your internal data and analytics team so they can focus on strategic work and client needs.

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See how you stack up with benchmarking datasets

  • Compare your population’s cost, use, and prevalence of healthcare services across your industry, region, and more
  • Remove bias in program evaluation and prove the impact of initiatives such as disease management programs
  • Visualize treatment pathways and optimize analysis with predictive analytics

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Address and exceed healthcare price transparency with pricing estimates

  • Arm members with accurate out-of-pocket cost estimates, such as deductibles and health insurance costs
  • Exceed price transparency mandates and facilitate comparison shopping for healthcare consumers
  • Combine the power of claims data with negotiated rates from machine readable files to fill data gaps

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Support benefits decision making with personalized insights

  • Streamline benefits enrollment and guide members to the best-fit plan based on historical claims data
  • Maximize savings and support savings goals with HSA, FSA, and HRA guidance
  • Enable benefits teams to assess effectiveness, identify ROI opportunities, and evaluate programs and carrier value

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