Cúram education and certification

Supporting customers and partners who implement, operate and support Cúram solutions, to ease transition to the new environment.

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Why take the training?

Cúram software offers vast functionality to support complex business use cases, whilst also being technically sophisticated and very configurable. Training can ease the transition to the new environment and help optimize your investment.

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Who is Cúram education for?

Our training typically falls into one of two categories. It’s broadly either for business users or technical users. Not only that, but it ranges from a high-level viewpoint, all the way down to the lowest-level detail. We understand not everyone has the same needs.

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What courses and learning paths are available?

We understand that different students have different needs, and so our training is organised into specific tracks, mostly aligned with the different core role types. For a full picture, see our available courses page.

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Cúram certification program

The Cúram certification program helps you become a valuable resource to your customers, colleagues and Cúram implementation project. All tests are delivered online, and you can choose the most appropriate option for your role.

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How can I book training or certification tests?

To get started, please contact your Cúram sales representative, or email us.

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