Awards and recognition

Merge Hemo was ranked Best in KLAS 2024, Cardiology Hemodynamics.



Best in KLAS hemodynamic monitoring solution for cath lab workflow

A comprehensive, real-time advanced hemodynamic solution that can address the most pressing cath lab documentation challenges for healthcare providers. Merge Hemo enhances clinical workflows, automates data collection, streamlines inventory management, and eliminates inefficiencies by automating procedural data management, providing a Best in KLAS user experience.

Intuitive user interface

Utilize an easy-to-use UI designed for touch, with larger buttons, swiping functionality from the template into the chron log and drag and drop capabilities for easier data entry, allowing for efficient cath lab documentation and patient management.

Customized cath lab workflows

Customers can create user-defined templates for a customized cath lab workflow experience. Enable healthcare providers to control inventory, manage patient data, and automate cath lab documentation.

Structured reporting and improved analytics

Harness the integration with Merge Cardio to populate a clinical structured report, with accurate data collection and a robust data-mining toolset.


Is your hemodynamic solution intuitive and keeping your cath lab streamlined and efficient?

Comprehensive hemodynamic capabilities

Utilize a solution that address all of your cardiac cath lab needs, providing users with more time to spend with patients and less time worrying about patient data.

Department overview application

Healthcare providers are given a comprehensive visual of the entire cath lab department, including pre-and post-holding, on a single screen to improve resource management and patient care.

Single server support

Manage your data at both the health system level, as well as at individual facilities. Merge Hemo allows for scalability both organically as well as through acquisition.

Drag and drop utility

Leverage a user experience designed for the use of touchscreen, and configurable data collection templates. Drive consistency across the full spectrum of users and their documentation.

One push send of the case report

By providing a complete account of a patients cath lab experience, Merge Hemo enables a more complete EMR record.


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Improving cardiology workflows

Merge Hemo and Merge Cardio work together to help healthcare providers streamline and scale clinical and data management workflows.

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