OrbitalRX with Micromedex

Optimize pharmacy inventory management

Hospitals and health systems can manage drug shortages with confidence through the unified solution, OrbitalRX with Micromedex.

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Pharmacy workflow management with speed, visibility, and control

Drug shortages are a constant reality for healthcare providers. Be ready to manage shortages with OrbitalRX with Micromedex, a hospital pharmacy inventory management solution designed by pharmacists, for pharmacists. Ditch spreadsheets and digitally unify your data to quickly and proactively manage drug shortages with real-time inventory control. Be ready for drug substitutions with current, evidence-based drug information, including labeled and off-labeled medications.  

Operational Efficiency

Improve operational efficiency 

Save valuable time and effort with automation, eliminating manual processes like updating spreadsheets and enabling quick action to manage drug shortages.  

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Make informed purchasing decisions 

Take advantage of a unified view that allows you to compare drug inventory, purchase history and utilization data simultaneously to optimize pharmacy inventory and procurement decisions.

Patient Care

Support patient care delivery 

Inform treatment decisions with the latest evidence-based drug information from Micromedex, including labeled and off-labeled indications, to support optimal patient safety and patient care. 

Features to help you manage inventory and navigate shortages

Real-time pharmacy inventory management 

Get a real-time view of pharmacy operations and drug inventory data across your enterprise, with the ability to drill down to individual campuses. Understand inventory levels and utilization to enable fast and informed decisions.

All-in-one procurement center 

Access a single, consolidated view of your procurement options and connect seamlessly with all of your vendors. Get notified of drug availability across all vendors and wholesalers as soon as they’re available.

Orbital RX Procurement Center

Centralized communications center 

Create a flexible and customized shortage digest report that can be shared enterprise-wide to improve communication, track follow-through, and inform key stakeholders. 

Orbital RX communications center 

Reliable drug alternatives content 


Make informed drug substitution decisions based on current, evidence-based clinical content from Micromedex, including labeled and off-labeled information, to optimize patient care. 

Orbital RX alternative drug content

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I see tremendous potential for OrbitalRX to help us in many more ways in the future  —  and not just from a shortage perspective. I see opportunities from an overall utilization perspective because it pulls in so much good data.

Brian Spoelhof, Assistant Manager of Medication Utilization Strategy, University of Virginia Health 

Since the OrbitalRX team had experience with our inventory management systems, their expertise helped us transition quickly. I was surprised just how little we needed to be involved in the implementation work.

Kristin Tiry, Pharmacy Manager, Froedtert Health


Less than 40 days to build an electronic data capture.

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30 minutes to perform a minor study change and fully document the customer’s approval.

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