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Coordinated health and social outcomes

The transformation towards a fully person-centred service model requires coordinated health and social outcomes. But what are the six key elements for building it effectively to support the best outcomes for the individual?


Achieving truly coordinated care

View the infographic for a quick look at six key elements of truly coordinated health and social outcomes.


Heading to the future: a new approach

What is the best way to achieve outcomes for people with complex health and social situations? This paper provides an introduction to a coordinated health and social outcomes approach.

Putting the person at the centre - bridging the gap in the coordination of care across health and social systems

The transformation towards a fully person-centred service model, with services delivered by the appropriate agency, will challenge traditional thinking.

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Meet urgent needs with efficiency

Provide timely access to person-centered services to those who need them most.

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Simplify care experiences

Help families and caseworkers navigate the complexities of social service programs.

Group Discussion on health programs

Optimize health programs

Know if your care management and social programs are improving population health – and why.



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Coordinated health and social outcomes

Build truly person-centered services for improved outcomes by enabling coordination across multidisciplinary health and social teams.

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Advanced analytics

Inform initiatives with a timely, accurate and holistic view of individuals and vulnerable populations.

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