Zelta surpasses 4,000 clinical trial studies

February 2024 marked a major milestone for Zelta: the platform has now hosted over 4,000 clinical trial studies!

Since launching in 2010, Zelta has hosted clinical trials with study sites and participants across 109 countries, interacting with Zelta in over 75 languages and dialects. These studies have run the gamut from startup to submission, across all phases, including adaptive design protocols – as well as over 500 phase III trials, in 23 therapeutic areas. While the platform has gone by a couple different names over our 14-year history, what hasn’t changed is our vision of creating a seamless, single modern user experience to help accelerate clinical trials and provide confidence in the outcomes. And the numbers speak for themselves, with over 4,000 clinical trials now executed on Zelta.

Why CROs and sponsors choose Zelta for their studies

The Zelta platform provides 10+ fully integrated modules that allow for a level of control down to the study level, to help optimize and accelerate outcomes across research portfolio and operational models. And with its single sign-on capability, the Zelta platform provides seamless access from anywhere in the world to a unified solution built on one code base.

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Zelta’s ease of use for implementing and executing research, managing participants, routing tasks, and reporting results to stakeholders from that single, user-friendly interface is why more than 280 CROs, medical device and biotech companies, and academic research organizations have chosen Zelta to host their clinical trials across all phases and levels of complexity. Zelta provides control to accelerate your clinical trials and confidence in your trial outcomes – and has done so for over 4,000 clinical trials and counting.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

What data managers say about Zelta

“Despite the trial’s level of complexity, our sites have been able to conduct it successfully, thanks to the Zelta solution.”

--Program Clinical Data Manager, Worldwide Clinical Trials

“We basically built a complete database, including edit checks, within one week. I think this was phenomenal.”
--Director of Biometrics, Southern Star Research

“With Zelta, we can support all areas of therapeutic studies. We have a good mix of all phases of clinical trials, from phase one to post-marketing surveillance studies, and have positioned for worldwide growth concluded studies with huge patient populations.”

--Head of Data Management, George Clinical

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Looking ahead to the next 4,000 studies

As exciting as the 4,000-study milestone is, we’re already looking ahead to the next 4,000 and beyond – always innovating the Zelta platform to make sure it’s meeting the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s research studies and the data managers who build and execute them.

To learn more about how Zelta is supporting the future of clinical research, join our upcoming SCDM webinar on how best-in-class technology approaches make a difference in delivering improved data management outcomes.

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