Merative’s first year: Focus and progress

Standing up Merative was a bold, complex move. To mark our first anniversary on 1 July, I’m reflecting on our journey so far, the progress we’ve made, and the lessons we’ve learned with each of our six core products.

Cúram – Draw inspiration from your roots.

Over 25 years, our social program management portfolio has helped federal, provincial, state, and local governments transform health and social services programs. These market-leading social services solutions enable access to care for 187 million people in 10 countries across 970+ programs, and support for more than 280,000 caseworkers.

As Cúram by Merative, we are getting back to our roots with a familiar brand and fresh focus on critical use cases (like child welfare) and new delivery methods (like cloud). The name “Cúram” is a Gaelic word for “care and protection,” which represents how we enable our clients to achieve better outcomes for the people they serve. We continue to apply our technology and expertise to help organizations transform end-to-end experiences for people.

Health Insights – Invest in what clients want.

Even while introducing the new Merative brand, we continued our legacy of >90% client retention for our Health Insights and MarketScan businesses. Some of our clients have been with us for more than 20 years and continue to find strong value in our products and services.

We’re enhancing Health Insights with a modernized user interface and new SaaS-based offering. This is an investment of tens of millions of dollars – both in 2023 and 2024—to deliver improvements, including self-service dashboards, personalized views, and advanced reports. When previewing the solution with clients, we’ve received positive feedback that we’re delivering the innovation the market has been asking for. We’re on track to onboard our first clients in the coming months.

MarketScan – Improve client experiences.

MarketScan represents more than 293 million covered lives with high precision data, which leads to higher quality outcomes. This product also has retained more than 90% of clients throughout the last year.

This year, we released MarketScan in the cloud, enabling clients to securely access the data with speed and ease. Multiple clients are already up and running with this new model and are accelerating studies with added confidence. We also launched new data linking capabilities, helping study patients across the continuum of care to inform treatments and regulations.

Merge – Find new paths to value.

Merge is another core solution line with industry-leading products for medical imaging, plus great, long-standing client relationships. Industry accolades since becoming Merative include: Two solutions won 2023 Best in KLAS, Merge was named a leader in IDC’s MarketScape: U.S. Enterprise Medical Imaging 2022-2023, and we earned Censinet® certificate for cybersecurity.

We’re also proud of the real progress clients are achieving with Merge, including new international partnerships. The Merge team has been helping SOIN (Soluciones Integrales) with its work to centralize and integrate medical imaging records (like X-rays and MRIs) and software systems of the government health system in Costa Rica. After three go-lives in March with our products, Merge VNA and Merge Universal Viewer, both clinicians and patients are already seeing improved times for patient care and better workflows.

Micromedex – Quality is king.

This product supports the entire care team with drug, disease, toxicology, patient education, and drug supply chain solutions to help ensure the safety and health of patients. With more than 400 million document views annually and 3,000 searches per minute, our expertly curated editorial content is incredibly important.

Our clients appreciate what they are seeing in our first year as Merative, such as integrating more than 650 clinical calculators to help make decisions at the point of care. The Micromedex Net Promoter Score (NPS) rose to 70 with more than 400 responses. NPS scores can range from -100 to +100 and are a key measure of client loyalty and satisfaction. Client feedback also played a role in Micromedex being named 2023 Best in KLAS for Clinical Decision Support: Point-of-Care Clinical Reference.

Zelta – Amplify the value we deliver.

In the growing market for clinical data management and acquisition platforms, our Zelta offering (formerly Merative Clinical Development) is a gem. Despite having helped manage 3,700 studies across 109 countries, we recognize there is an opportunity for greater awareness about Zelta in the market.

We launched a new brand for Zelta this year to better represent how our technology and expertise serves the market, as well as reflecting a range of enhancements to improve the user experience.

A variety of touchpoints, such as a first-ever in-person user event for this product, has helped drive a 167% increase in new clients joining the Zelta user community. We’re continuing to invest in user-experience-led design, grow our consulting and SaaS services, and add new functionality to the product that delivers client value.

Our products and their journeys are unique, but collectively we have made tremendous progress in advancing these six core solution lines as leaders in their markets. We will continue to focus, engage, and invest so that we can continue to work with our clients to drive real progress in health and social care.