Micromedex Best in KLAS award is a sign of client-centric persistence

We’re excited to announce that Micromedex has been ranked as Best in KLAS 2023 for Clinical Decision Support: Point-of-Care Clinical Reference.

Micromedex has been a trusted source of clinical information at the point of care for decades. Physicians, nurses and pharmacists rely on Micromedex for current and reliable drug and disease information, including toxicology, interactions, IV compatibility and patient education materials.

"Clinicians trust Micromedex to help them make more informed care decisions,” said Tina Moen, Pharm.D., Merative’s general manager for Micromedex. “Micromedex’s Best in KLAS award is a testament to the dedication of the Micromedex team to continue providing clinicians with current, rapid, reliable answers at the point of care for better patient decisions – prioritizing what matters most to our clients.”

The annual Best in KLAS: Software and Services report provides a high-level overview of performance ratings for vendors offering software, professional services and medical equipment to the healthcare industry.

Micromedex clients appreciate its robust content and customer value

The Micromedex team is dedicated to continually improving the product and helping clinicians access the drug and disease information they need. The editorial team has rigorous, evidence-based standards for Micromedex content and is always looking for ways to make sure the content is current, thorough and clear.

“The drug information part of the product is very extensive and helpful,” said one Micromedex client to KLAS. “Other products are very sketchy and lack in-depth information. [Merative] Micromedex Solutions has a lot of in-depth information about interactions. The system has several layers we can go to, and the system has references, so if we have questions about where the vendor got some information, we have the primary source information.”
Director, June 2022

Client feedback also reflects the Micromedex team’s commitment to putting client needs first and providing a product that’s easy to implement, easy to use and provides genuine value.

“[Merative] is super proactive in coming to us, finding our needs, and informing us of their developments,” said one client. “The vendor helps meet our needs. They have innovative technology teams that are doing the things we are struggling to do.”
Nurse, December 2022
“We have never had any issues with the vendor,” said another client. “They are very proactive in letting us know when there are upgrades or things coming down the pike. The vendor is constantly upgrading the features and sending out the necessary information for their clients.”
Manager, June 2022

The Micromedex team is proud to offer a Best in KLAS solution that can help the entire care team be more confident in their decisions, supporting the highest level of patient care.

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