Merative Clinical Development has a new name

General Manager Jennifer Duff describes what the new name means for Merative’s clinical trials solutions business

What’s in a name, and why is it so important?

We’ve been asking this question as we plan for the future of our clinical development business. Our name, Merative Clinical Development, is functional. It’s descriptive. But it wasn’t accomplishing everything we needed it to do and represent.

We needed a name that we could build long-term equity in. We chose one that reflects our passion for innovation, acceleration and client-centricity. We selected something distinctive and memorable, just like our client and user experience. We chose a name that connotes speed, ease of use and efficiency. It aligns with our goal to simplify the complex. Like our approach, our name is clear and forward-looking. Importantly, it’s also easy to say and spell.

After a thorough process, I am thrilled to share our new name: Zelta™.

Zelta meets all of our criteria, and it has the energetic, forward-looking feel our product and business deserves. It is a fitting name for technology designed to accelerate clinical trials.

Zelta is Merative’s clinical trials solutions business that includes both a clinical data management and acquisition platform (formerly Merative Clinical Development), and consulting, enablement and extension services.

Zelta will have a new look and feel, too. We chose a new icon to reflect how our business and technology supports all phases, designs and areas of clinical trials, across a broad client base. It will give our product a unique presence in the market. The product and supporting material will be updated by summer 2023, but if you want a sneak peek, I encourage you to visit the Zelta website to see it for yourself.

Our name is new, but our solution and experience have been helping to accelerate clinical trials for more than a decade. We’re still the same organization trusted by over 280 CROs, AROs, medical device and biopharma companies to help them execute on their portfolio, including their most complex research challenges.

I look forward to our next chapter with Merative, as Zelta, with a continued focus on innovation and investment in our future!

Infographic: Learn how Zelta has helped accelerate clinical trials for clients around the world.