Collecting data for Microsoft Word integration issues



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Collecting data for Cúram™ by  Merative Microsoft Word integration issues



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What information should be collected to help with diagnosing Cúram Microsoft Word Integration issues?





In order to be better able to investigate issues relating to Cúram MS Word Integration, the following information should be provided:


To get this logging information you should follow the steps below to enable logging, reproduce the issue and send us the output for further analysis.


  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue with screenshots (as per standard must gather information).
  • Is the reported issue intermittent or does it happen every time the steps are followed?
  • Does the issue happen on one specific user machine, a group of machines or all machines?
  • If it is not all the machines, what is common to the affected machine/group that differs from the other machines where there is no issue?
  • Conversely - Is the issue reproducible on other machines with the same configuration?
  • Please provide machine specific details on which the issue occurs:
    • Version of the operating system on the affected user machine(s).
    • Version of all JREs installed on the affected user machine(s).
    • The privilege level of the Windows operating system user who performed the JRE installation.
    • Web Browser name and version used in the test scenario, the exact version e.g. Internet Exporer 10.0.9200.16750
    • Version of Microsoft Word installed on the affected user machine(s), the exact version e.g. MS Word 2003 (11.8409.8405) SP3
    • The privilege level of the Windows operating system user who performs the test scenario.
  • ​Editing session trace log.
    1. It is possible to create a trace log file on the user machine by setting the Control Panel -> Java -> Advanced -> Debugging -> Enable logging option.
    2. If logging is enabled this way, the trace messages will be output (in Microsoft Windows 7) to C:\Users\<user_home>\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment.

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