Collecting data for financial issues


Collecting data for financial issues in Merative ™ Social Program Management


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What information should be collected if I experience a financial issue on Merative Social Program Management?





Please remember not to send any personal information when providing information to aide in problem determination


The Following information is required for all financial issues:


  • The exact Cúram version this is reported on, including iFix and any test fixes that have been applied.
  • The environment or environments the issue is seen in? (e.g. Development, Pre-Production, Production)
  • Describe the issue being experienced, including as comprehensive a description as is possible.
  • What is the issue?
  • When did the problem start?
  • When was it first noticed?
  • How many people/cases are affected?
  • How did you identify the problem?
  • Can this problem be reproduced? If so, what are the steps to reproduce?
  • Is this all Out Of The Box (OOTB) code, or is there, for example, custom code or rules involved?
  • Is there a workaround in place?


If you are reporting an issue related to a Product Delivery Case (PDC), provide the following information


  • What type(s) of Product Delivery cases are you seeing this issue on?
  • Is it a Cúram Express Rules (CER) or Classic Product?
  • Is it a custom PDC?
  • Are there custom rulesets?
  • Are there multiple components on the case?
  • Please provide a detailed account of the PDC(s) involved.
  • Provide as much data about the cases as possible (removing/blocking out any customer sensitive data).
  • Case information from financial tables (FinancialComponent, InstructionLineItems, Paymentinstruction etc)
  • Screenshots from a couple of the affected cases (financials page, decision page)
  • Have you noticed any similarities in the cases if there are multiple affected (specific pieces of evidence; common dates, time/date overpayment was created)
  • What business processing was going on when this issue was experienced?


If the issue relates to payment amounts:


  • Were payments made to a nominee?
  • Were there any deductions on the case?
  • What delivery pattern/frequency was used?
  • Was the case paid online or via batch processing?
  • Was an external system used to process payments?


If the issue relates to a reassessment payment:


  • What triggered the reassessment (e.g. certification date change; evidence change; product/rate change)?
  • Were there any previous reassessments on the case?

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