Collecting data for financial issues



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Collecting data for financial issues in Cúram™ by  Merative


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What information should be collected if I experience a financial issue on Cúram?





Please remember not to send any personal information when providing information to aide in problem determination


The Following information is required for all financial issues:


  • The exact Cúram version this is reported on, including iFix and any test fixes that have been applied.
  • The environment or environments the issue is seen in? (e.g. Development, Pre-Production, Production)
  • Describe the issue being experienced, including as comprehensive a description as is possible.
  • What is the issue?
  • When did the problem start?
  • When was it first noticed?
  • How many people/cases are affected?
  • How did you identify the problem?
  • Can this problem be reproduced? If so, what are the steps to reproduce?
  • Is this all Out Of The Box (OOTB) code, or is there, for example, custom code or rules involved?
  • Is there a workaround in place?


If you are reporting an issue related to a Product Delivery Case (PDC), provide the following information


  • What type(s) of Product Delivery cases are you seeing this issue on?
  • Is it a Cúram Express Rules (CER) or Classic Product?
  • Is it a custom PDC?
  • Are there custom rulesets?
  • Are there multiple components on the case?
  • Please provide a detailed account of the PDC(s) involved.
  • Provide as much data about the cases as possible (removing/blocking out any customer sensitive data).
  • Case information from financial tables (FinancialComponent, InstructionLineItems, Paymentinstruction etc)
  • Screenshots from a couple of the affected cases (financials page, decision page)
  • Have you noticed any similarities in the cases if there are multiple affected (specific pieces of evidence; common dates, time/date overpayment was created)
  • What business processing was going on when this issue was experienced?


If the issue relates to payment amounts:


  • Were payments made to a nominee?
  • Were there any deductions on the case?
  • What delivery pattern/frequency was used?
  • Was the case paid online or via batch processing?
  • Was an external system used to process payments?


If the issue relates to a reassessment payment:


  • What triggered the reassessment (e.g. certification date change; evidence change; product/rate change)?
  • Were there any previous reassessments on the case?

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