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Collecting data for Merative ™ Social Program Management WebLogic


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What data is required for Cúram WebLogic Performance, Configuration, or Java related issues? The information that you gather is also known as MustGather information.





  • WebLogic Logs

    WebLogic Server has a number of options for controlling and managing its log files. The two most important sources of log data are:

    - The server logs folder
    - stdout and stderr output that is routed to the shell used to start WebLogic

    Capture the relevant logs folders and the startup output. Provide a copy of this log data, preferably compressed, with your PMR.


  • Configure JVM Verbose Garbage Collection

    Due to its low overhead and value in identifying performance issues with the JVM, it is recommended that verbose garbage collection (GC) is always enabled and monitored in production environments.

    Collecting verbose garbage collection data for WebLogic Server depends on the JDK being used. Typically, the option is -verbosegc, but see the relevant Oracle documentation for your JDK and WebLogic Server version on how to configure verbose GC and gather its output, as there are variations in behaviour depending on JVM settings.


Once you have collected the preceding information, you can submit the diagnostic information to Merative support in a support case via the Merative  Watson Health Support Portal.

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