Collecting data for Archiving isssues


Collecting data for Merative™ Social Program Management Archiving issues



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What information should be collected to help diagnose issues with Merative Social Program Management Archiving?





Firstly, the information requested on the Must Gather landing page should always be provided.


In addition to this, the following information is also required when reporting Merative Social Program Management Archiving issues:




  • What version of Optim are you running?
  • What version of the Merative Social Program Management Archiving templates are you running?
  • What operating system and version is the Optim server running on, if applicable?
  • What database and version hosts the Optim directory?
  • Is the database for the Optim directory 64-bit or 32-bit?
  • Is the client for the Optim directory database 64-bit or 32-bit?
  • What connections to databases using Optim database aliases are involved?
  • Details of any customizations that have been made in the affected area. (This point is not relevant if the issue can be reproduced in an out-of-the-box environment).



  • Template that caused the error
  • If the issue appears within the Merative Social Program Management application, detailed information about where in the application the issue is occurring
  • Text of any error or errors that you receive
  • The Optim process that caused the error (Extract, Archive, Insert, Convert, Load, etc.)
  • The process report, depending on the process that caused the error
  • The trace files (See below on where these are located);
  • If the error occurs on an Optim server gather PR0SVCE, PR0SVER and potentially PR0CMND files
  • If the process is run on Windows, PR0TOOL file
  • If the error occurs during the configuration of Optim (Windows only), PR0CNFG file

In addition to the above, below are links to a number of Collecting Data documents, which could assist Merative Support with the investigation of your issue. Please view the Collecting Data documents and see if one matches your symptom or the part of the product with which you are experiencing problems. Follow the instructions in the associated Collecting Data document and provide the necessary information to Merative Support. 

Collecting Data for InfoSphere Optim solutions and products.

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