Collecting data for batch performance issues



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Collecting data for Merative ™ Social Program Management batch performance issues


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What information should be collected for batch performance issues in Merative Social Program Management?





Below is the data to include with your case (preferably in compressed format), for each batch process that is involved in the batch run.
The configuration and data collection activities should be done for all contexts; for instance, for the chunker process, stream processes, and all relevant nodes.


  • General information about the batch performance problem including:
    • The batch command(s) that were run
    • The time of the failure
    • The nature of the failure
  • The stdout and stderr output of the batch run should be captured to a file (doing this varies by platform) and with Ant verbose (-v) logging if possible.
  • The contents of the folder that is identified by the JMX property: curam.jmx.output_statistics_timer_folder


  • For example:

    <!-- Enable JMX statistics for batch -->
    <jvmarg value="-Dcuram.jmx.output_statistics_timer_enabled=true" />
    <!-- Specify folder to contain statistics files -->
    <jvmarg value="-Dcuram.jmx.output_statistics_timer_folder=C:\JMXStatsForBatch" />
    <!-- Output the JMX statistics every 60 seconds -->
    <jvmarg value="-Dcuram.jmx.output_statistics_timer_period=60000" />
    <!-- Enable monitoring of outbound web service calls -->
    <jvmarg value="-Dcuram.jmx.ws_outbound_statistics_enabled=true" />


  • For the curam.jmx.output_statistics_timer_folder property, use unique values per process and node to make reviewing the results easier. Set the curam.jmx.output_statistics_timer_period property value as appropriate for the length of the batch run. The first statistics collection begins five minutes after batch starts.


  • The contents of the verbose GC logs
  • Always configure Java JVM verbose garbage collection statistics when you run Cúram batch. You will need to modify the app_batchlauncher script in $CURAMSDEJ/bin to add these Ant tasks to the <java> task that runs the curam.util.impl.BatchLauncher program.
  • For example:


  • <!-- Enable GC verbose logging -->
    <jvmarg value="-Xverbosegclog:C:\gc.log" />


  • Set the log location for your environment as needed, being aware that the log file names need to be unique. The preceding example is for the Merative WebSphere Application Server JVM. If you are using a different JVM, modify the arguments as needed.


  • The contents of the buildlogs folder
  • When Cúram batch processes are run, log files are created and stored in the buildlogs directory (for example, $CURAM_DIR/EJBServer/buildlogs or %CURAM_DIR%\EJBServer\buildlogs).


  • If you are using Cúram log4j logging and set the curam.trace.configfile.location property, include the contents of this location.



What to do next


Once you have collected the preceding information, you can submit the diagnostic information to Merative support.


You can submit files using the following method to help speed problem diagnosis:



For a listing of all technotes, downloads, and educational materials specific to the Merative Social Program Management, search the Merative Social Program Management product support site.

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