Collecting data for basic Oracle database performance issues



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Collecting data for basic Oracle database performance issues on Merative ™ Social Program Management 


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What information should be collected for basic Merative Social Program Management Oracle database performance issues? The information that you gather is also known as MustGather information.





Use the Oracle Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) performance statistics. For the information to be useful, it is important that only the Curam workload originating from your test occurs in the database for the duration of the test. Create a manual AWR snapshot before and after the recreation using these steps. Note that they correspond to Oracle database 11g, but for other Oracle versions the steps should be similar:


  1. In the Oracle Enterprise Manager go to Server tab.
  2. In the Server tab, in the Statistics Management section click on Automatic Workload Repository.
  3. On the Automatic Workload Summary page, in the Manage Snapshots and Baselines section, click on the snapshot id next to the Snapshots label.
  4. On the Snapshots page, click the Create button to create a manual snapshot.
  5. On the Confirmation page, click the Yes button.
  6. Back on the Snapshots page, click the ID link for the newly created AWR snapshot (with the current Capture time).
  7. On the Snapshot Details page click the Report tab.
  8. Use the browser's save option to create a copy of the report to include with the PMR.

Once you have collected the preceding information, you can submit the diagnostic information to Merative support in a support case via Merative Support.

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