Collecting data for Identity Intelligence issues



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Collecting data for Merative™ Social Program Management Identity Intelligence issues



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What information should be collected to help diagnose issues with Merative Social Program Management Identity Intelligence?





Customer-provided background information helps in problem determination and saves time when resolving Problem Management Records (PMRs). At a minimum, the following information should be provided when a customer is raising a new PMR against Merative Social Program Management Identity Intelligence.




  • A detailed description of the issue including any messages displayed to the user.
  • Enable Merative Social Program Management Identity Intelligence trace logging, reproduce the issue and provide the application logs.


Steps to enable Merative Social Program Management Identity Intelligence trace logging


1. Logon to Cúram as Sysadmin.

2. Navigate to System Configurations > Property Administration

3. Search for “curam.programintegrity.trace”setting

4. Change the Value of the setting to “trace_on”

  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue with screen shots.
  • Is the reported issue intermittent or does it happen every time?
  • Is this a performance issue? Please detail the current and previous performance timing details.



  • Detail your exact version of Merative Social Program Management including the Fixpack and iFix versions along with any Test Fix releases
  • The type of environment, e.g. Development, Test or Production.
  • Does the issue occur across all environments? If not or if this is not possible, please describe any potential reasons or differences as to why.
  • Also provide details of any customizations that have been made.



  • Describe the business impact of this issue on the end user

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