Collecting data for Java performance issues

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Collecting data for Cúram Java performance issues

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What information should be collected to help with diagnosing Cúram Java performance issues?


Java performance issues might result in Java dumps being created automatically or might require Java dumps to be manually generated in aid of problem determination.

There are two types of Java dumps:

The behaviour of Java dump generation varies by version, vendor, and platform. These variations can include:

Consult the Java documentation for your context to find the details for the above variations. For instance, for Cúram Java see the documentation. For Oracle Java see the Oracle Java site.

In the context of Cúram, the concern is with Java performance issues around hangs and resource usage (e.g., memory and CPU), which might manifest in application server crashes. Java crashes may be caused by a number of issues; for example, JVM or external errors. There is some overlap in the two broad categories of Java performance symptoms. Use the following as guidelines:

1. Application server crash, unresponsive system (hung threads or CPU usage close to 100%), system throughput not increasing with load despite spare CPU capacity, and transaction timeouts reported in the application server logs:

2.** Application server crash, unresponsive system (CPU usage close to 100%) and out of memory errors in the application server logs:

What to do next

Once you have collected the preceding information, you can submit the diagnostic information to Merative support, preferably in a compressed format.

You can submit files on a support case via the Cúram Support.

For a listing of all technotes, downloads, and educational materials specific to the Cúram, search the Cúram product support site.

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