Collecting data for Business Intelligence and Analytics issues



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Collecting data for Cúram™ by  Merative Business Intelligence and Analytics issues



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What information should be collected for issues with Cúram Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) in order to assist Merative Support with their investigations?





The following information should be provided when you are raising a new PMR against Cúram BIA component:


  • A detailed description of the issue
  • The business impact the issue is having
  • The exact version of IBM Cúram (including the Fixpack and iFix versions along with any Test Fix releases)
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the reported issue on an out-of-the-box environment, including screenshots if appropriate
  • Detailed information regarding any on-site investigation of the issue that has already been done
  • Details of any customizations the project have made in the affected area. (This step is not really necessary if the issue can be reproduced in a purely out-of-the-box environment)
  • An indication on whether or not the project have a work around for the issue. If so, details of the work around should be provided
  • The file, which is created by running the Cúram configreport Ant target. For more information about configreport, see the Product documentation and PDFs
  • State if it is a Production issue
  • Has it caused the ETL nightly loading process to stop?
  • The exact versions of the underlying Database(s) and ETL Tool
  • Exact Name of the out of the box artefact that is causing the issue, e.g. ETL Name, or Build Command
  • Exact error message, including any error codes
  • State whether it is a one off issue, or if it is recurring on a regular basis
  • Have you identified the data pattern that is causing this issue?
  • Provide any related log files

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30 July 2018