New report confirms Zelta by Merative is a Major Contender

Merative has been named a Major Contender in Everest Group’s Life Sciences Clinical Data and Analytics (D&A) Platforms PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023. This reaffirms something the Zelta team has long known to be true and heard from our users: Zelta, Merative’s clinical trials platform, delivers the capabilities that clients need to manage trials across every phase and level of complexity.

“There has been a constant rise in clinical data volumes with advancements in innovation and the presence of diverse data sources leveraged in a clinical trial,” said Nisarg Shah, Practice Director at Everest Group. “This has resulted in increased volume and complexity of data, posing challenges in accelerating value generation from data. Unified clinical data and analytics platforms which are specifically tailored to the clinical research industry are capable of transforming data into insights with faster time to value.”

Shah goes on to say, “Merative’s Zelta platform offers comprehensive data management capabilities with its wide API partnership ecosystem, resulting in smoother integration of clinical data sources.”

Although this is a new recognition for Zelta, the solution has helped to accelerate clinical trials for more than a decade for over 280 biopharma, CRO, ARO and medical device companies. Zelta is leveraged in more than 3,600 studies from start-up to submission, across all phases including complex study designs like platform trials, and in over 450 phase 3 trials and dozens of FDA approvals.

“It comes as no surprise to me that Merative has such a strong standing among the 14 providers assessed,” said Jennifer Duff, General Manager, Zelta Clinical Trials Solutions. “I've seen firsthand how Zelta delivers unparalleled control and confidence for our clients. We take pride in the recognition that Zelta is considered a major contender in this space. This acknowledgment places us in esteemed company, alongside valued customers and partners also featured in the report, in addition to other contenders with expertise in specialized areas of clinical data and analytics. We appreciate this recognition and know it is based on a strong platform offering, collaboration with industry leaders, and deep partnership between our clients and our team.”

The themes from the Everest Group report confirmed Zelta’s strengths in meeting client needs:

Zelta is an innovative and intuitive solution

Zelta approaches continuous improvements and innovation with the goal of offering solutions that deliver proven outcomes for clients, in support of their unique research needs. The platform is highly configurable, easily deployable, and supports complex data checks and query resolution — all without requiring users to know coding, making it a low-code platform.

“This has positioned Merative as a Major Contender in Life Sciences Clinical Data and Analytics (D&A) Platforms PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023,” said Nisarg Shah, Practice Director at Everest Group.

Another key strength our clients appreciate is our approach to building a robust partnership ecosystem that allows for interoperability with prominent clinical technology providers, resulting in smoother integration of clinical data sources.

Zelta also leverages intuitive AI to help with tedious tasks such as medical coding of participant data, saving time and reducing risks of errors. After adopting Zelta’s medical coding with AI module, the CRO ProSciento saw a 66% reduction in coding effort.

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Zelta is a responsive and trusted provider

“Merative’s Zelta platform is appreciated for its client-centric approach through close relationships, active support, and quick resolution to queries,” said Shah. Clients appreciate the tools Zelta provides to safeguard and increase success for their studies, such as strong data cleaning rules, safety alerts mechanisms, and study-building guides maintained by Merative that are readily available.

Zelta’s relationship-first approach has caught the attention of its clients. “A lot of vendors are not going to spend that time to work with their customers. We’re a relatively small company,” said Jason Peters, Director of Data Quality Operations, Statistics and Data Management for LivaNova PLC. “[With Merative] I feel valued. I feel heard, I feel listened to, and I feel appreciated.”

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Zelta can be configured to meet each study’s needs

Zelta is not one-size-fits-all. With its highly flexible unified platform, Zelta can be configured to meet the specific needs of each study, regardless of complexity. This flexibility provides incredible value for clients, as the solution can be customized to meet their needs via multiple purchasing options.

This flexibility extends to supporting mid-study changes, which have the potential to result in serious delays and expenses. “Addressing protocol amendments leading to mid-study updates that are typical with oncology studies is never easy. However, Zelta has given us the ability to handle these changes efficiently,” said Ullas Arabhavi, Head of Data Management for George Clinical. “We feel that Zelta is more robust than other EDC tools for late-phase studies with complex study designs.”

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More on the horizon for Zelta

The Zelta team is incredibly proud of this accomplishment, but we’re not resting on our laurels. We are continuing to improve and innovate through our agile development methodology and regular release schedule. Plans include the introduction of real-time quality checks on study designs against industry standards, input-based suggestions for pre-existing study design components, study validation during initial builds and mid-study updates, and building more out-of-box predictive analytics.

We’re currently developing an AI prototype to assist users in employing, creating, and modifying their study libraries to reduce errors and streamline study builds. It will also alert users if they are creating a component already in their library, reducing unnecessary duplication. We’ve worked with CROs that have altered their business models to advertise more flexibility for their studies based on how quickly and efficiently they can change our system.

We’re grateful for our customers’ continued collaboration as we refine our unified platform to improve time to insights and enable our customers to accelerate clinical trials.

“The results of this Everest Group assessment are further validation of the exceptional NPS and CSAT scores we maintain with our customers,” said Walker Bradham, Zelta, Product Management Lead. “We take pride in seeing our work help support all phases and complexities of research, and this recognition is evidence that our work is paying off.”

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