Connecting with the clinical development community

The time it takes to design, launch and complete clinical trials is a problem many are working on improving. At Zelta™, we are focused on how our clinical trials platform can help accelerate the work of executing complex clinical trials.

We also work with others in the industry on initiatives that seek to address the issues, such as TransCelerate BioPharma’s Digital Data Flow Initiative. This project aims to modernize clinical trials by enabling a digital workflow to allow for the automated creation of study assets and configuration of study systems to support clinical trial execution. The non-profit organization TransCelerate is engaging their Member Companies and the technology community to define use cases and inform requirements needed for biopharma R&D use. CDISC is executing on standards, API, and model development.

The recent DDF Connect-a-thon on organizing and automating the study protocol focused on practical ways that companies have and can use the Study Definition Repository Reference Implementation and CDISC’s Unified Study Definition Model. Our submission, “Study Design to EDC in 4 Easy Steps” with Trials.AI was one of three recognized by TransCelerate for, “taking the concept of collaboration and finding opportunities to expand the solution through SDR integration.”

Three elements of the Zelta platform made this honor possible:

  1. Our API capabilities that enable us to import metadata and results date into the system. This allowed the connect-a-thon team to implement the SDR connections with minimal development work.
  2. Existing study-connect capabilities that enable automation of the study build, also reducing the development lift.
  3. An incredible team who showed what is possible when the power of our core system is combined with a best-in-class ecosystem partner.

We were excited to take part in this important program and proud that we were able to contribute such an impactful submission. We look forward to continued work with TransCelerate and ecosystem partners to help advance the industry towards more efficient, cost-effective clinical trials that help get treatments and solutions to market faster.

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Merative Clinical Development was renamed Zelta in February 2023. More information can be found here****.