Micromedex RED BOOK®

  • This scenario-based tutorial guides you through how to use the Micromedex RED BOOK tool. You will learn how to navigate the multiple RED BOOK delivery options; and how to identify, analyze, and compare drug products and prices.
    After viewing this content, you will be able to:
    -  Demonstrate how to access the RED BOOK Online Search Results page
    -  Perform a product name search, view the product results page, print page results, and export data to Excel reports
    -  Demonstrate the manufacturer search to view manufacturer products and access manufacturer details
    -  Demonstrate how to access product details, including price changes, new package information, active ingredient information
    Perform an NDC/HRI/UPC search and view product details
    -  Create a custom list using the custom list manager function, save the list, and view the saved list
  • Duration: 9 minutes
  • Video