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Micromedex NeoFax® and Pediatrics

NeoFax and Pediatrics is a solution that provides clinicians with tools to efficiently and safely manage complex scenarios for neonatal and pediatric patients. This video demonstration showcases the NeoFax and Pediatric Drug Monographs. You will learn how to use the Drug Monographs to view off-label focused, population-specific drug information for the neonatal or pediatric population (depending on your subscription).

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Enteral Formulas

This video demonstration will teach you how to use the Enteral Formulas tab to view the nutritional information for individual formulas as well as side-by-side comparisons.

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Dosing Calculators

The NeoFax and Pediatrics Dosing Calculators provide greater clinical accuracy and reliability in drug dosing. This video demonstration showcases the calculator features and functionality in the NeoFax and Pediatrics Solution.

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