Merge November 2023 newsletter: Live from RSNA

We are excited to be meeting many of you in person again this year at RSNA. Your partnership has been the driving force behind our innovation, cementing Merge's position as a market leader in cloud solutions and workflow orchestration.

If you're at RSNA, feel free to stop by booth 7313 or attend one of our presentations.

As we steer through the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, our focus is clear: to lead with innovative solutions that transform radiology into an experience that's not just efficient, but truly enjoyable. Our Merge Imaging Suite is setting a new standard, turning the digital imaging environment into a dynamic partner in your daily workflow.

We're not just talking about a digital transformation; we're talking about redefining the entire imaging ecosystem. With our 360-degree Electronic Imaging Record, accessible across your enterprise at your own pace, we're pioneering cloud-native leadership that stands out in the field.

Our clients' successes, like those at McFarland Clinic and SOIN, are a testament to the power of partnership and innovation. They've made monumental strides in their operations with our technology, and this is just the beginning.

Looking forward to connecting with many of you at RSNA and exploring the possibilities.

Transform for the future. Transform with confidence.

A partner you can depend on

In our latest video testimonials, discover how Merge is a reliable partner in healthcare innovation. Leaders like Adrian Jimenez at SOIN, Chris Gunderson at McFarland Clinic, Patty Rutkiewicz at Elmhurst Health, and Dr. Alex Towbin at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital share their experiences, showcasing how Merge's solutions, crafted with client feedback, are reshaping healthcare imaging.

Watch their testimonials

Equitable study distribution with Merge Workflow Orchestrator

Increasing workloads, staffing shortages, and cherrypicking cases from shared worklists lead to imbalanced workloads and radiologist burnout. Check out our new clinical research study on how Merge Workflow Orchestrator aims to enable equitable caseload distribution with an automated algorithm.

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