Merge Workflow Orchestrator

A new enterprise worklist for radiology workflows

Merge Workflow Orchestrator unifies radiology and other imaging worklists from systems across the enterprise to make reading activities, and care team collaborations, easier.


Reinvent the imaging workspace

Merge Workflow Orchestrator consolidates, organizes, and presents patient imaging information that clinicians need to manage caseloads in the way that is most efficient for them – making it easier than ever to manage caseloads, read studies, and collaborate with care teams. It’s more than a worklist: by aggregating views of radiology workflows across the enterprise, Merge Workflow Orchestrator provides new visibility for improving the end-to-end imaging process, with the patient at the center.

A single worklist

Overcome the challenges of various disjointed radiology worklists often found in imaging organizations. Merge Workflow Orchestrator consolidates discrete systems that can impede productivity, to provide a single radiology worklist that clinicians can work from.

Enjoyable to use

Designed for ease of use, with customizable user interface and features, so clinicians can focus on reading, diagnosing, and reporting findings in the way that is most efficient for them.  

A path to cloud

As a cloud-native, zero-footprint SaaS solution, it offers a strategic path for imaging organizations to embark on their journey to cloud at their own pace.

Is your organization trapped in managing multiple radiology workflow solutions, leaving you stuck on your journey to cloud?

Reimagine your imaging environment

  • Streamline reading radiology workflows with an interface that caters to clinicians’ daily activities

  • Distribute cases equitably and automatically across reading teams with a rules engine that “learns” with non-clinical AI

  • Access valuable insights from advanced diagnostic tools (AI and others) without interrupting workflows or additional clicks

  • Increase choice and control over your imaging cloud journey so that you can decide your unique path

Tailored to radiologists

A personalized experience improves control over how studies are displayed, with collapsible and expandable sections, filtering and sorting.

A novel format

The new card view provides intuitive, at-a-glance access to imaging studies to streamline reading activity. With a single click, it can toggle back to the traditional list view.

Improved search

Global search makes finding necessary information faster and easier to accomplish.

Improved collaboration

Familiar, friendly communication tools help care teams collaborate effectively.

Infused with AI insights

Results from AI applications appear right in the worklist, indicating when they are ready to view, and if immediate action may be needed.

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