Focused innovation will deliver steady progress in health and social care

Checking clinical details on computer screen

Merative is taking a product-focused approach to solve real-world problems for our clients and the people they serve.

For years, industry titans have promised big solutions to revolutionize healthcare and government social services, but none have been able to deliver fully. That’s why Merative is taking a new, product-focused approach. Through our products – Clinical Development, Health Insights, MarketScan Merge, Micromedex and Cúram – we have a strong foundation of proven solutions.

In the last few months, we have shifted a decades-long track record of industry expertise into a standalone company with the focus, access to capital and products necessary to meet the needs of our clients. We’re applying focused innovation to help them make practical progress. This alone is reason for celebration, but what makes this time truly exhilarating is not just the opportunity – it's the responsibility, too.

A person’s history is vital in understanding the present and anticipating their future health needs. But too often, our siloed health and social systems don’t enable a complete view of the person. This makes it difficult for those serving them — physicians, health plan administrators, employee benefit managers, case workers, life sciences researchers — to advance population health, reduce burnout and cut down on unnecessary expenditures.

There’s a clear need for innovations that can transform complex health information into insights that help improve outcomes and decision-making. This is our purpose: to combine our industry-leading products, decades of experience, our talented team and strong client partnerships to ensure people are at the center of these systems. And because of our breadth, serving clients across the healthcare and social services continuum, we can tackle this challenge from multiple angles.

This focus is already benefiting our clients and their stakeholders. For example, The Ohio State University Health Plan uses Health Insights to go beyond meeting compliance regulations by helping members find the healthcare services they need and helping them confirm they are getting the lowest possible cost for high-quality care. And organizations use our Merge enterprise imaging solutions to help simplify imaging workflows with modern user interfaces, single-point access to full patient records for radiologists.

And these results are only the beginning of what we know we can achieve. We are using our clients’ challenges as our North Star. By listening closely to their needs when developing new product offerings, we’re better able to address the real issues they face and problem-solve for the future.

For example, we know our clients are looking for innovative ways to optimize their existing real-world data to gain better insights, such as linking claims with specialty data. With our expertise in data transformation and analytics, we are uniquely situated to meet these needs while still maintaining compliance and quality. We’re working to provide more options to bring multiple de-identified data sources together in an interoperable, highly customized and compliant manner. And with this unique combination of curated data and best-in-market analytics, our clients can make smarter and faster decisions.

In my first few months as Merative’s CEO, I’ve been inspired by the work our clients are doing every day to improve health and change lives. What is so powerful to me about these successes is that they have a ripple effect — it’s not just our clients who benefit, but the people they serve. For example, one of our Cúram clients demonstrated how meaningful it can be to combine expertise with technology during a crisis.

Clark County, Nevada, suffered unprecedented levels of unemployment in 2020 when the pandemic brought the Las Vegas tourism and convention business to a standstill. Almost 250,000 people were at risk for eviction, and service centers where they could seek assistance were forced to close. In just 11 weeks, the Clark County Department of Social Services launched a new, mobile friendly program to help people pay for housing costs, undoubtedly helping prevent homelessness within this vulnerable population.

And that’s what drives us at Merative — focused innovation to solve real-world problems for clients and the people they serve. It’s a massive responsibility, and we’re rising to the occasion by delivering practical progress that enables experiences and outcomes across the health and social care continuum.