The tools making your Cúram upgrade experience easier

We’ve heard your feedback. Here’s what we’re doing about it.

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Our mission at Merative, through our Cúram solution, is to work tirelessly to make life easier for caseworkers, agencies, and the constituents they serve. That includes making it easier to upgrade from one Cúram release to the next.

Upgrading to the newest available iteration of Cúram allows you to continue to maximize your software investment and benefit from the enhanced business functionality and technical features included in Cúram. Staying up to date with new Cúram releases, as they become available, also ensures you’re benefitting from our ongoing security improvements and defect fixes, and that your software and the people using it are not still dealing with an issue that has already been resolved.

That’s why we’ve enhanced the Cúram upgrade experience with new tools, tailormade to your needs and feedback, that are making it easier for you to continuously upgrade and stay up to date.

Providing greater depths of visibility

With each new software update, Cúram provides release notes describing the new product enhancements and defect fixes included in the release. But we heard from you that there wasn’t enough technical detail in these notes regarding how the upgrades may affect specific artifacts or dependencies in your environment.

That’s why we’ve rolled out new tools that provide this deeper level of visibility into the technical detail that you need to execute your upgrades faster and more seamlessly than before.

Making it easy to stay consistently up to date

We know upgrades are big tasks. They take time, money, and resources away from your critical day-to-day operations. But we also want to avoid a situation where any customer isn’t able to reap the full benefits of the latest version of the software. If you’re running an older version of the software, you may be at risk of outdated user experiences for caseworkers and lacking critical fixes needed for business functionality. If you don’t upgrade, those benefits simply won’t be available to you.

That’s why we’ve created another set of new tools that make it easier than ever to keep up to date with each new iteration of Cúram – ensuring you’re always benefiting from the latest features, business functionalities, and design changes.

The new normal for software upgrades

We know you’re running systems that have very real and immediate effects on people’s lives – whether vulnerable communities will have the money they need to put food on the table and afford rent. And because of that, we know you have to proceed with caution when upgrading your system. That’s why we’re focused on doing all we can to take care of the mundane, complicated aspects of an upgrade, so you can focus your time and resources on the most critical tasks.

We developed this suite of tools to provide an easier, faster, and more intuitive Cúram upgrade experience, with greater visibility into what each new release entails and how those changes will specifically impact your environment. We hope this promises to be the start of a “new normal” for Cúram upgrade experiences, helping you benefit from the latest software improvements and features available – making life easier for you, so you can make life easier for the people you serve.

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