Latest product update now live You asked, we listened. The new chart and list views in the Micromedex IV Compatibility tool, featuring updated icons and enhanced clarity for easier navigation, are now live! Discover more here.

Micromedex is celebrating a golden milestone

We are celebrating 50 years of partnering with our clients to make an impact on patient safety, clinical efficiency and person-centricity.

Celebrate with us

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Drug and disease information at clinician fingertips

Healthcare providers do crucial work every day. They need fast access to evidence-based clinical decision support systems to make the best decisions for patient care. Merative offers solutions that give the entire care team, including physicians, nurses, and pharmacists, the information they need to make informed medical decisions at the point of care: Micromedex® and DynaMedex™.

Content you can trust

Impartial, evidence-based clinical guidelines and information, vetted through an accredited review process.

Updated every day

Clinical content that’s continually reviewed and updated by a dedicated team of editors.

Easily accessible

Fast access to information via EHR integration, mobile access, and personalization features.

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Our Users

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Stay current on the latest drug and disease evidence with daily, reliable clinical updates.

Explore DynaMedex

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Nurses & educators

Get fast access to current drug information to resolve complex drug therapy issues and support patient safety.

Explore OrbitalRX with Micromedex

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Be prepared for any patient you encounter with evidence-based content, drug interaction checker, calculators and other tools.

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What you get

Seven core capabilities of Micromedex

Micromedex is much more than a drug database. It offers just about everything a clinician needs to make informed decisions to support patient care.

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  • Core drug reference
  • Expanded drug reference
  • Neonatal and pediatrics
  • Toxicology
  • Supplier and pricing data
  • Formulary
  • Patient education

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Read the case study

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Get to know our capabilities

Explore the Micromedex capabilities and features that provide comprehensive clinical decision support for clinicians at the point of care.

Core drug reference

Optimize patient safety and support patient care decisions

Access 2,500+ drug reference monographs that offer current, evidence-based information about medications. This includes dosing, FDA and non-FDA (off-label) uses, and safety information. Micromedex also provides crucial functions to support patient safety, such as IV compatibility, drug interactions, drug identification, drug comparison, and a suite of 650+ clinical calculators.

Expanded drug reference

Support clinicians’ understanding of alternative medications

Tap into an array of articles about biological alternative therapies such as vitamins, supplements, and botanicals, including their effects, dosages, and potential interactions. Micromedex also offers access to two international drug databases where clinicians worldwide can find unbiased information on drugs and related substances.

Neonatal and pediatrics

Equip clinicians with crucial infant and child care content

Protect vulnerable patients with easy-to-search neonatal content (supplied by NeoFax) and pediatric content provides precise dosing and evidence-based clinical information. It is regularly updated and includes medication management, nutrition, drug interactions, adverse effects, and more.


Get life-saving information when time is critical

Tap into Micromedex toxicology content, which is trusted by all poison centers in the U.S. and many centers around the world to provide crucial information fast. The toxicology database, which includes Poisindex, covers 470,000+ commercial products, chemicals, drugs, toxic plants, and animals.

Drug supplier and pricing data

Support formulary management and cost containment

Access prices and descriptions for 360,000+ prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, compounding chemicals, and medical supplies, powered by RED BOOK. Users can find consistent and unbiased average wholesale price (AWP) pricing information for brand name and generic drugs alike.


Help control drug utilization and costs and protect patient safety

Find drug status information fast with Micromedex formulary solution. Icons at the top of the drug monograph indicate the medications’ formulary status, potential special handling, administration protocols, potential shortages, alternative medications, and more.

Patient education

Increase patient engagement and improve HCAHPS scores

Inform patients with 11,000+ titles of clear, accessible patient education. All materials are simply written and available in up to 15 languages. Providers can customize materials and add personalized notes for their patients, which can then be printed out, delivered to patient portals, or uploaded to the EHR.

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Established in 1974, Micromedex has been a leading provider of evidence-based clinical decision support for decades.


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Manage your drug supply chain with confidence

University of Virginia Health was able to transform their drug shortage management with OrbitalRX.

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