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An interoperable platform to image-enable your health enterprise.


  • Merge is now officially partnering with Indica Labs, a leading provider of AI-powered digital pathology solutions, to seamlessly integrate digital pathology into Merge imaging solutions.


Image-enable your healthcare enterprise

Merge enterprise imaging solutions are designed to seamlessly share medical images between healthcare service lines and provide a foundation for more efficient patient care.

Is your organization struggling to deliver a more complete patient record to care providers, including medical images, photos, videos, and other types of unstructured content? As healthcare providers accumulate various systems for housing medical images by service line, unwieldy silos of imaging information can slow down care delivery processes and run afoul of regulations like the CURES Act that mandate direct image-accessibility to patients.

Through a central vendor neutral archive and unified viewer, Merge enterprise imaging solutions can establish a single source of truth for all imaging data, supporting enhanced collaboration and integration with the EHR.

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Enterprise imaging components

Merge VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive)

Stores, manages, and shares images from disparate systems, specialties, service lines, and sites – regardless of source or format. Supports diagnostic images (DICOM) and XDS (non-DICOM) information across the enterprise, integrating to Electronic Health Records and Health Information Exchanges.

Merge Universal Viewer

A regulatory-cleared, zero-download web-based diagnostic viewer that allows healthcare providers and care teams across the enterprise, and patients themselves, to access images from any healthcare application, anywhere, at any time.

Key features of Merge VNA

Vendor-neutral storage

Merge VNA stores medical imaging data from any vendor, making it easy for healthcare organizations to integrate data from various imaging equipment and software systems.


Merge VNA is designed to scale easily, providing healthcare organizations with the ability to manage growing volumes of medical imaging data and support more users as needed – and scale back down when not needed.

Workflow efficiency

Merge VNA streamlines workflows for healthcare providers, with features like automated data ingestion, fast retrieval times, and easy access to medical images and patient data.


Merge VNA supports industry standards like DICOM, HL7, and IHE Profiles, allowing it to communicate and share data with other healthcare IT systems.


Merge VNA is designed to meet industry standards and regulations for data security, including HIPAA and NIST, ensuring that patient data is kept secure, private, and only seen by those who need to see it.


Merge VNA can help healthcare organizations reduce costs associated with managing medical imaging data, including hardware and software expenses, maintenance costs, and IT staffing requirements, thanks to cloud-based scalability designed to match user needs.

Analytics and reporting

Merge VNA includes advanced analytics and reporting tools, allowing healthcare organizations to track and analyze medical imaging data and identify trends and insights that can improve patient care and outcomes.

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Key features of Merge Universal Viewer

Support for a wide range of medical image formats

Merge Universal Viewer is designed to work with all DICOM and XDS images such as X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, and more. This makes it a versatile tool for healthcare professionals who need to view and compare medical images from various sources.

Diagnostic quality Images

The viewer provides high-resolution displays of medical images, allowing healthcare professionals to view images in greater detail for more accurate and comprehensive reading experiences.

Customizable image manipulation tools

The viewer offers a range of customizable tools for image manipulation, such as the ability to adjust brightness and contrast, zoom in and out, and rotate images.

Multi-modality image comparison

The Merge Universal Viewer allows for side-by-side comparison of images from multiple modalities, making it easier for healthcare professionals to track changes over time and make more accurate diagnoses.

Integration with other healthcare systems

The viewer can be integrated with other healthcare IT systems, such as electronic medical records (EMRs) and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), allowing healthcare professionals to easily access and share medical images and other patient data. You can image-enable virtually any application, such as the EMR, patient portals, and physician portals, and also federate and view images from other data sources such as PACS.

Secure data transfer

The viewer uses secure data transfer protocols to ensure patient data is protected during transit and storage.

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