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See what it's like to track health and benefits programs and personalize employee wellness with confidence.

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Start by deeply understanding employee needs

Employee benefits analytics help you uncover program ROI, find effective interventions and see how you measure up to competitors. Explore data in a way that best fits your team’s workflow – empowering you to be a champion for employees and a partner to business leaders.


Get answers faster

Gain a view of top financial and clinical KPIs with enhanced health data. Delivering powerful insights in one place for quick analysis – no data science degree required.


Trust your insights

Uncover the hidden story in your data so you can take the best next action for your benefits program. Bringing confidence that you’re making the right decisions – with the best information available.

Explore and Personalize Data

Explore data your way

Take control with self-service tools that empower your team to explore benefits data independently. Easily configured to suit your workflow – with tools to advance exploration and collaboration.

Evaluate employee benefits data

  • Measure the effectiveness of your health and wellness programs

  • Identify population health risks and predict future costs

  • Track performance against industrywide benchmarks

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Understand employee benefits analytics and trends

  • Understand utilization, identify efficiencies and improve prescribing patterns

  • Improve health equity by understanding the factors impacting employee health

  • Identify access issues, care patterns and costs related to mental health

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Discover cost savings

  • Evaluate costs by condition, procedure, sites of service, and more

  • Dive deep into trends to find savings opportunities

  • Optimize benefits to attract and retain top talent, while maintaining cost efficiencies

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Uncover the hidden story in your data

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