Introducing MarketScan WorkSpace: Move with speed, scale with ease, lead with confidence

In today's world, data is ubiquitous. From social media platforms to online marketplaces, data is being generated at an unprecedented rate. And while the world continues to become more comfortable with data-sharing, collecting and analyzing real-world data (RWD) is still a challenging task. Data is often complex and unstructured, making it difficult to maintain and importing new data releases can be a timely, arduous process that delays insights. These traditional methods of data management and analysis have proven to be time-consuming, costly, and inefficient. On top of that, these inefficient processes lack the precision, flexibility, and scalability needed for effective real-world evidence (RWE) generation. This area of complexity and inefficiency is where our new MarketScan® WorkSpace solution shines, bringing precision and clarity to RWE generation.

Move with speed

Say goodbye to large, complex, time-consuming data files. MarketScan WorkSpace helps reduce time and associated costs, allowing for faster decision-making and RWE generation. By providing immediate access to new data releases with direct cloud access through Snowflake, MarketScan WorkSpace enables researchers to access and analyze fully-adjudicated closed claims data, across multiple payers, without needing to ingest, process, or store unnecessary data. The simplified experience also provides users with analysis-ready data in a matter of minutes, helping accelerate the time it takes to get from question to answer with simplified data management and streamlined analysis.

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Scale with ease

Moving with speed doesn’t mean much if the solution can’t meet your needs. WorkSpace was designed to meet you where you are by offering various capabilities, including on-demand access to relevant data, collaborative and integrated user experiences, and pre-loaded data in a cloud warehouse – all while maintaining compliance. The combination of these scalable offerings provides users with unlimited performance and scalability options for querying and analyzing data. These capabilities help you get the most out of each and every study by increasing efficiency and reducing manual labor and tooling.

Lead with confidence

What good is fast, scalable data if you can’t trust it? That's why WorkSpace combines two of the most trusted names in the industry, MarketScan and Snowflake, into one solution you can rely on. MarketScan has remained a trusted source for healthcare data and expert services for 100% of the top 20 global pharma companies, by revenue, and more than 3,500 peer-reviewed publications.

“We know that the data is trusted and of top quality. The real-world data has helped answer questions earlier, and for us, that is priceless because we are able to help our customers quicker and more efficiently.”

– Paul Petraro, Global Head of Real-World Evidence, Boehringer Ingelheim

In addition to offering the strongest foundation of precise datasets for research and regulatory studies, our research and analytic team has extensive experience in assisting clients achieve their goals and answer their most complex questions. We understand the importance of having the right data and the right tools in place – and having a partner who’s with you every step of the way is critical. Let’s strengthen, accelerate, and simplify your RWE studies, together.

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