Focused path to progress, growth

Rising demand for services. High costs and uncompensated care. Burnout. Economic uncertainty. Complex data landscape. These are some of the daunting challenges facing health and social care organizations. These long-standing problems have perhaps been heightened by the pandemic, but they’re nothing new.

Now for the good news: Rising support for integrated services. Holistic, person-centered care. User-centered workflows. Insights to control costs. Unified platforms for data management. These are some of the signs of progress I’m seeing. With focused innovations, the industry is delivering better outcomes for the people they serve.

Driving real progress in health and social care is only possible with strategic focus. That’s why everything we’re doing at Merative is about focus. In our first six months, we’ve aligned our employees, investments, and solutions to meet our clients’ and their constituents’ needs, eliminating any distractions and competing priorities to focus on them.

I’m excited about the progress we have made to prioritize and build our solutions so that we can deliver four key capabilities our clients need to drive real progress in health and social care:

Reveal insights at the point of need

Our clients are experts in their field, but they need the best information at the best time to make their best decisions.

For example, when a panicked parent calls into a US Poison Center, the representative answering the phone uses Micromedex® for trusted information to provide counsel. The strength and reliability of our evidence-based content contributed to Micromedex winning Best in KLAS 2023 for Clinical Decision Support: Point-of-Care Clinical Reference.

Or, perhaps a health plan or self-funded employer is considering how best to support the growing need for mental health services among their members. They need the intelligence provided by Health Insights analytics, such as that behavioral telehealth is here to stay, paired with a talented team of analysts and consultants, to support them in designing their benefit plans.

Drive intervention through intelligent workflows

Health and social care organizations can only make well-informed decisions when their workflow is automated and connected, end-to-end.

Our Social Program Management solution streamlines caseworker workflows to help more efficiently address social needs. As an example, New York City’s Human Resources Administration went from 10% of people applying online for cash assistance to 90% with improved access to services through an online portal. Intelligent workflows underpin ongoing efforts for modernizing social programs around the world, such as important multi-year process improvements to help benefits delivery in Canada and Scotland.

In enterprise imaging, interoperability and better workflows can enable a clinician to securely access and assess patient information to make more informed clinical decisions. We’ve supported this with more than 5,500 production system implementations and top three KLAS rankings across our Merge portfolio, including two solutions winning Best in KLAS in 2023.

Optimize performance with data benchmarks

Accessing data that is rich in patient- and population-level data can help organizations bridge treatment expectations and concrete healthcare outcomes.

Through our MarketScan® portfolio of data, services, and applications, we are helping build a strong foundation for real-world evidence studies, adding precise data to rigorous analysis, and serving as the reliable source of information for more than 3,500 peer-reviewed studies. Boehringer Ingelheim, a research-driven biopharmaceutical company, uses MarketScan data for its advanced research studies on behalf of its clients – analyzing diagnosis, treatment, cost, and utilization information.

With research and regulatory-grade data plus expertise in epidemiology, HEOR, and regulatory approvals that strengthen and accelerate the generation of real-world evidence, we’re helping life sciences organizations demonstrate the value of treatments, providers to understand and quantify value, health plans to identify cost-savings opportunities, and governments to conduct population-level disease surveillance.

Contribute to advancements in research

No matter the size, site, or complexity of the clinical trial, researchers need technology that can speed their study, not hinder it. As clinical trials become more complex, it’s our goal to help enable repeatable methods across diverse sites with diverse participants.

Zelta™ (formerly Clinical Development) is a unified, efficient means of data collection, transmission, and monitoring of clinical trials, including managing consent and patient engagement. That’s why it has been used in 3,700+ studies across 109 countries, including a complex platform trial with more than 20,000 participants. We are helping researchers accelerate clinical trials, which helps them get treatments to patients faster.

By focusing on and delivering these capabilities to our impressive client base, we are making a real impact. Across our six core products, we serve nine of the top 10 US hospitals, seven of the top nine US health plans by enrollment, 40% of Fortune 100 employers, more than 35 federal, state, and local government agencies and all 20 of the top life sciences companies. Behind these impressive numbers, we have the distinct honor of having client relationships that go back 20, 30 and even 40 years; we’re proud of our half-century of history.

Perhaps the strongest endorsements of Merative’s product focus are the former clients that are returning to us. We have several clients that worked with our products years ago and rejoined our roster once we reemerged as Merative, as our redefined focus has provided them the confidence that we and our products are nimble enough to quickly react to their needs and offer the attention and support they require. We’re thrilled to welcome them back.

This solid foundation of great client relationships, coupled with the opportunity to establish better ways of doing business, means we can focus on what clients need most from us. These relationships are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees; I’m proud to lead this talented team of people who built powerful solutions and now have the authority and support to build on their success.

These signs of progress validate our strategies and intentional product focus. We’re encouraged by the awards, strong client relationships and affirmation that the four capabilities we deliver are the ones the health and social care industry need right now. I have every confidence we are continuing the path to long-term growth.