Problem creating jar: archive contains more than 65535 entries





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While building the Merative TM Social Program Management (SPM) Websphere archive files (WAR) the following error may be thrown:


Problem creating jar: archive contains more than 65535 entries 





This error is the result of a known limitation of the original Zip file format. These are to a file size of no more than 4 gigabytes and containing no more than 65535 files.

It can occur with Merative SPM if there are a large number of custom files included in the build.



Resolving The Problem


This issue can be resolved by adding a ' zip64Mode="always" ' clause to the build file. This instructs the JAR tool to use the Zip64 extensions which do not have the above file limits.


The following example shows how to resolve the problem if it occurs when building the ClientModule.war:


  1. Open the ../CuramSDEJ/bin/app_buildEAR.xml file in a text editor.
  2. Locate the '<jar destfile[...]' line for the module being built. In the case of this ClientModule.war this line is:
    • <jar destfile="${dir.ear}/${}/ClientModule.war">
  3. Edit this line and add the 'zip64Mode="always"' attribute:
    • <jar destfile="${dir.ear}/${}/ClientModule.war" zip64Mode="always">
  4. Save the changes to this file and re-run the build.

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