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Release Notes





Merative Social Program Management iFix1 Release Notes





System Requirements
Improvements, Resolved Issues and Third Party Updates
Known Issues





Welcome to the Merative Social Program Management iFix1 release.


Full product documentation can be found in the Product documentation and PDFs.


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System Requirements


For information about the supported software and hardware for this release, see the Merative Social Program Management Prerequisites.





See the download instructions for this release at





Prior to running the installer please ensure all files in your Merative Social Program Management installation are writable.


The installation steps are as follows:


  • Extract the contents of the zip file to a local drive location.
  • Run the Merative Social Program Management installer, which can be found in the INSTALLER folder at that location.
  • After installing, the appropriate build targets must be run as necessary for your installation.


Additional installation instructions can be found in the Development Environment Installation Guide.




If you are upgrading from a previous version, the Merative Social Program Management Upgrade Helper contains documentation and tooling to help you to upgrade your Merative Social Program Management application codebase and database to work with your new version of Merative Social Program Management. The Merative Social Program Management Upgrade Guide describes a recommended process for performing application and database upgrades. The Upgrade Helper contains tools to assist you with implementing the upgrade, including tooling to produce a schedule of required migrations for your upgrade, tooling to provide information about database schema changes and tooling to generate initial SQL scripts for applying changes to your database.


You can download the appropriate version of the Merative Social Program Management Upgrade Helper from



Improvements, Resolved Issues and Third Party Updates


Cúram Enterprise Framework
Cúram Modules


Cúram Enterprise Framework


Technical Services
Application Development Environment


Technical Services


Rules Infrastructure




Cúram Rules




PO08002, WorkItem:246147 - Thread blocking and performance issues with Classic rules


Issue Description:


The application performance may degrade due to blocked threads when large classic rules calculations are used in very high volumes.
Threads may get blocked on this method:


User Interface Impact: No


Steps to Reproduce:


Configure a classic rule set that requires a large number of classic rules calculations in high volumes. This issue is also dependent upon a number of environmental conditions including:


  • number of classic rulesets
  • size of rulesets
  • number of threads
  • rules and evidence




By default classic rules are cached per transaction, and if very high numbers of transactions are
repeatedly loading large rulesets then a performance bottleneck may occur during the cache load.

If this performance issue arises then it may be mitigated by switching the classic rules cache from
transaction level to global using the following steps:


  • Login as the system administrator user.
  • Navigate to the Property Administration page and click on 'New...' to add a new application property
  • In the New Property dialog:
    • set Name to 'curam.rules.classic.cache.scope'
    • set Category to Application - Cache Settings
    • set Type to String
    • set Technical ID to 'curam.rules.classic.cache.scope'
    • click Save
  • Set application property 'curam.rules.classic.cache.scope' to GLOBAL (this is case sensitive).
  • Publish the property changes.


If necessary, when in GLOBAL mode, the cache can be tuned using the following parameters:


  • curam.cache.curam-group.RuleSetInformationCache.timeToIdle
  • curam.cache.curam-group.RuleSetInformationCache.timeToLive
  • curam.cache.curam-group.RuleSetInformationCache.size (default value is 200)
  • curam.cache.curam-group.RuleSetInformationCache.evictionPolicy


For more information on Global Caches please refer to the documentation at:

Note that the GLOBAL cache mode is only supported for classic rules which do not use parameterised rulesets.


Application Development Environment


Client Development Environment








PO08030, WorkItem:249364 - Windows operating system's high contrast mode removes icons from Person home page


Issue Description:


When high contrast mode is enabled on a Windows operating system (OS), a number of icons are not visible on the Person home page.


User Interface Impact: Yes


Steps to Reproduce:


  1. On a Windows operating system, search for the High Contrast settings.
  2. Enable high contrast mode.
  3. Login as a caseworker.
  4. Search for a person and navigate to the Person home page.
  5. Issue: Observe the following icons are not visible when high contrast mode is enabled:
    • Shortcuts section panel icon.
    • Shortcuts menu items toggle arrows.
    • Smart panel icon.
    • Smart panel toggle arrows.
    • Toggle button icon.
    • Context viewer image link.
    • Phone number icon on context panel.
    • Email address icon on context panel.
    • Toggle arrow icon on clusters in main page.




This has been resolved by updating the underlying code to use image tags instead of background images on links. These icons can now be viewed when high contrast mode is enabled on the Windows operating system.




This issue was resolved by updating the JavaScript code on the shortcuts section and smart panel for the relevant icons. The email address, phone number and context viewer image link icons can be updated by updating the image source file path in the file.


  • IconEmail
  • IconEmailHover
  • IconPhone
  • IconCCV
  • IconCCVHover


Cúram Modules


Evidence Broker


Evidence Broker


PO08324, WorkItem:248328 - Evidence is being shared to both in-edit and active on an integrated case when using the application authorisation strategy


Issue Description:


An issue occurs when multiple programs are configured on a single application case which is configured to use an application level authorisation strategy. Following this strategy, when an application case gets authorised, duplicate evidence records are shared to the target Integrated Case.


User Interface Impact: No




  1. Application Case has evidence types A, B, C and D associated with it.
  2. Program 1 - Evidence types A, B and C are associated with this program.
  3. Program 2 - Evidence types A, B, C and D are associated with this program.
  4. Authorisation Strategy is 'Application'.
  5. The integrated case has evidence types A, B, C and D associated with it.
  6. There is evidence sharing set up between the application case and integrated case for the 4 evidence types.
  7. Product X (i.e. the Product Delivery) to deliver Program 1 has no evidence associated with it.
  8. Product Y (i.e. the Product Delivery) to deliver Program 2 has no evidence associated with it.


Steps to Reproduce:


  1. Login as a caseworker.
  2. Register a person.
  3. Create a new application.
  4. Add both programs to the application.
  5. Add all 4 evidence types to the application.
  6. Authorise the application.
  7. Navigate to the Evidence tab on the newly created Integrated Case.
  8. Issue: Evidence is shared to the Integrated Case as both active and in-edit.



This issue has been resolved and evidence is no longer duplicated on the integrated case during authorisation.



During authorisation of an application case, evidence that is configured for sharing is pushed to the target case using the Evidence Sharing Push Workflow. When a person is added to a case, evidence that is configured for sharing is pulled onto the case using the Evidence Sharing Pull Workflow. A push and a pull happening at the same time cause evidence to be duplicated on the target integrated case. The authorise logic has been updated to prevent a pull from being triggered when evidence is already being pushed from that same authorisation.



Known Issues


See the Known Issues section in the release notes.





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