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Merative ™ Social Program Management SERVICEOFFERINGEVIDENCELINK table description

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The table SERVICEOFFERINGEVIDENCELINK was introduced in version 6.1 of Merative Social Program Management. Is there a description of the functionality of this table?


The table SERVICEOFFERINGEVIDENCELINK was introduced to allow administrators to associate dynamic evidence types with service offerings (both standard service offerings and training service offerings) within the administration application, to support functionality that then allows caseworkers to associate dynamic evidence types with services created within an outcome plan. The feature is only available when Outcome Management is installed and is not available for service deliveries created outside of an outcome plan in a stand-alone fashion within an integrated case.

The association of evidence is only applicable to service offerings of type 'Service Delivery' that do not require eligibility determination and/or product delivery processing. For services that use product delivery processing, evidence added in this way will have no impact as the product delivery evidence will take precedence.

It is only possible to associate dynamic evidence types to service offerings. Static evidence types will be filtered out of the Evidence Type drop-down when associating evidence types with a service offering.

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