Is speech recognition software supported?

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Does Merative ™ Social Program Management support any speech recognition software?

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Does Merative ™ Social Program Management support any speech recognition software?


Merative Social Program Management considers accessibility throughout the product lifecycle from planning and design through to development and testing. Accessibility is assessed against success criteria for published standards and requirements. Social Program Management is compliant with the following standards:

Our compliance is independent of specific tools and technologies, such as specific browsers and screen readers. If the tools and technologies that are used by customers are compliant with the same standards, the accessibility integration is expected to be seamless.

Social Program Management uses multiple approaches for accessibility verification testing, which include automated test tools, manual tests, and screen reader tests. Screen reader tests are conducted to confirm accessibility compliance when an established assistive technology is used. For testing, Social Program Management uses Edge Chromium and JAWS 2020. Therefore, these technologies are considered certified. Other assistive technologies and browsers that comply with the same standards are expected to provide Social Program Management users with a seamless experience.

If customers encounter issues with noncertified browsers or accessibility tools that are compliant with the same standards that are adhered to by Social Program Management, submit a defect to Merative upport. In the defect, include details about where and how Social Program Management fails the accessibility guidelines and Merative Support will investigate.

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