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Merative ™  Social Program Management version, an improved evidence broker component was introduced and the previous version of the evidence broker was deprecated. Customers are strongly advised to upgrade and take on the new version. The old version will not be actively maintained.





The purpose of the new evidence broker is to address problems that exist in the sharing functionality of the old broker, as well as to enhance the offering to provide deterministic and reliable sharing, traceability of shared evidence, and an enhanced user experience for caseworkers who interact with shared evidence.


The new evidence broker addresses the shortcomings that exist in the old evidence broker through a new design and architecture that includes a precalculated sharing plan and an advanced data matching algorithm. Problems and limitations in the old broker will not be resolved because they have already been resolved in the new broker. Any new evidence sharing defects or enhancements that are identified will now be resolved only in the new evidence broker.  Customers should plan to upgrade to the new evidence broker to take advantage of fixes and enhancements to date, in addition to updates that are introduced through evolution of the new evidence broker.


For more information, see the announcement for the new evidence broker in Product documentation and PDFs.


Aligning with the release of the new evidence broker component, the old evidence broker was deprecated in version For more information, see "209063 - Announcing deprecation of Evidence Broker and Evidence Sharing components" in the Merative Social Program Management external release notes.

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08 November 2018